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Spring-like? In February?

on February 10, 2017

When we moved to Steamboat Springs, I figured that winters would be cold. I was mentally prepared and we have, in fact, had some super cold weeks. Temps below 0 and as low as -23 degrees. I expected snow on the ground and jackets from at least November to April. And sometimes, I think that is the case!

But….this week has been strange! We have been seeing 30 and 40 degrees with a high of 47 degrees today?! Our roads have become a muddy mess and my car is currently a new color of gross. We can see part of our gravel driveway!! And today, I was outside in a short sleeved shirt. NUTS!! img_1168

Now, most people would probably think that we are like, YEAH!!!! But in reality, it is too early. We are not ready to say goodbye to cross country skiing, snow mobiling and pow-surfing just yet! We want to keep our snow for a bit longer (yes, I realize that when it returns to sub-zero temps in a couple weeks, I will eat those words). Apparently, there are winters that end early every few years….will this be one?

Yesterday, while Brooke was at ski school, Jasper and I hit the muddy/slippery mess that was the road and then a slick trail for a 5 mile run. He had a BALL while I tried not to fall on my face. Ken raced a fat bike race last night and the conditions were a bit terrible because of the warmth. Nothing like sinking in with every pedal stroke. He killed it finishing 3rd on no training!


It was 42 degrees and I had to pull my long sleeves off so I didnt die of heat. Crazy mountain runners 😉


Today, I hopped on the trainer for an hour for some 5 minute intervals (still trying to build up to some actual intense intervals-for now I am just riding them around what my threshold was last year). I started the series The Royals. One episode in and I guess it is pretty interesting. At least it keeps my interest during the recovery time! I would have loved to have ridden outside today, but it is just too muddy right now 😦

Time to figure out dinner for the kiddo before a Blue Apron date with the husband!

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