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What’s up, Monday? Glad you are almost over 😉

This morning started off in a bit of a strange way. We had no power. Now, dont get me wrong, not having power isnt the end of the world….but when you live in the middle of no where, power is kind of important. We need power in order for our water pump to bring water into our house (we only have whatever is in the tank at the time that we lost power). We need power in order to have any phone service (we get no service at our house and use wifi calling on our phones). So, yeah, power is kind of important out here!

With the power out, it made getting ready for the day (one where we actually had to all be in town by 8) a little interesting. For some reason, Brooke ended up in our bed around 3 in the morning. Just walked in and hopped up and went back to sleep. Pretty sure I didnt sleep after that. With the weird power business, Ken was up at 5:30 and outside to move snow. Brooke and I were out of bed at 6 and lighting candles (or turning them on) throughout the house.

No coffee. Boo. Luckily, once we made it to town (they had power), Brooke and I were able to locate some caffeine (none for her) before hitting the pool.

Brooke and I made it home about 11 to (still) no power. Luckily, by about 11:20, it was back on. YES!!! Oh, and it rained today. Rained. In January. In Steamboat Springs. Hello insane driving conditions!

Weekend recap:

Saturday was spent running into town for quick haircuts for Ken and I. And by quick, I mean Great Clips…and literally a scissors straight across my hair. Probably my last trip there-pretty sure that Ken could do a better job. I ended up with a rest day as Ken went out snowmobiling with some buddies! It was kinda pretty! Also, SNOW!


On Sunday, I decided to get my run in before Church because it was going to snow all day. I hit the road (with 2 inches of snow over it) for 5 miles with Jasper. It was one of the hardest runs EVER. Running through powder is hard. And slow.

Jasper loved it (even though he left me on the way home!). He met me back at the house. Clearly I was too slow for him! The run left me a little wrecked. So hard. It was hard for him too…he just waited until after to show it!img_1001

Today, I managed to squeeze in an hour easy on the bike while watching Brooke play with her dolls. She is currently loving being a “mommy”. It is pretty stinking cute! We will see what the weather allows for tomorrow!


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Snow Moving

Happy Friday!! [Insert happy dance here]

The past few days have been a bit, er, snowy over here! I think we got somewhere near 2 feet in 24 hours? It was a lot! And then a few more inches in the surrounding hours.

Due to large amount of white stuff (and my kiddo’s lack of desire to ride in the jogger during a giant snow storm), I spent Tuesday hopping on the bike for some trainer time. Nothing like watching Chopped while riding to make you hungry by the end of the hour!


On Wednesday, Brooke had her first day of ski lessons. She absolutely loved it and actually cried when it was over. I got to sneak out for a quick run while she was skiing. It was snowing and there was about 3 inches on the path, but that just makes you a stronger runner, right? I forgot my sunglasses though, so those 3 miles involved getting pelted in the eyeballs with snow. 😦


My whole heart!img_0977

I ran with music for the first time in about 4 years. It was weird! I need to update the playlist on my ipod shuffle. Yep, stellar technology over here!


When we got home from ski-it took over an hour because of terrible conditions (and we had to stop to pull a Subaru out of a ditch-we sound pretty B.A. right?), I spent about 2 hours plowing and blowing snow from the driveway before Ken got home. (Then we spent another hour doing so after Brooke went to bed!). I was pretty prepared!


Yesterday, I kind of cheated on the workout front. I spent about 3 hours moving snow throughout the day (rural life!). We had gotten between 8-10 inches over night. I kid you not, moving snow is exhausting! So many sore muscles! I opted out of a run in 6 degrees (wouldn’t do that to Brooke) and couldn’t get myself on the trainer, so I hit the yoga mat for 30 minutes while Brooke played in the bathtub. She thinks it is her pool and I am pretty sure she has more toys in it than water.

This weekend is looking warmer and I cannot wait to get out to pound that pavement-or dirt-okay, who are we kidding, ice and snow.  Hoping to get in a weight workout and hopefully some fat biking and maybe some nordic skiing. Cant get enough of those outside snow workouts!!!

But first….it is time to hit the bike inside today! Yuck! Have an amazing Friday and superb weekend!!!

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Training Balance

When we moved to Steamboat Springs, I was certain that I would love the summers but was a little unsure about the winter months. Summer=perfect temps, low humidity and endless adventures. Winter= snow, snow and more snow. Or so I thought. I figured I would be forced to workout inside for the majority of the months (5 months?) and I was a little nervous about that. One can only handle so much of the bike on a trainer….and I can only handle about half of that!

I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised. Winter has turned out to be one of the most active seasons that we have had! In the summer, I typically chose from cycling or running (and let’s be honest, 99% cycling). During these winter months I am forced (poor me) to choose between running, cycling (fat bike/cross bike with studs), snow shoeing (a fave with the kiddo), nordic skiing or simply pulling Brooke up the sled hill innumerable amounts of times! Did I mention shoveling, plowing and snow blowing??



The weather has been pretty fantastic-yes, I realize that this changes all the time…but we have had a pretty nice introductory year so far. We typically have a huge snow storm, sometimes lasting a couple days and then we are blessed with 3 or 4 absolutely gorgeous bluebird days. The temperatures are anywhere from the negatives (inside workout days) to the 30s-which seems hot at this point! Anything over about 10 is fair game for outside activities. I actually really like running right around 20 degrees and dont mind if it is snowing!

The county does a great job of plowing our road in the morning and we currently have a road of ice with packed snow on the sides. This makes running with spikes perfect and the fat bike crushes it! Our sweet neighbor groomed a cross country ski path in our yard for me. I literally have a hard time choosing what type of workout I am going to do each day!



Speaking of workouts….I am in this strange place of trying to find a new balance in my training. In the past, I have either been training for running or for cycling races. One trick pony! This year, I am branching out into prepping to race both in the world of running and riding…any possibly triathlon (er, swimming?!). My goal is to be a more well-rounded athlete, but what does that look like? Especially if you are training for certain events? I have penciled out some training plan ideas, mainly centered on marathon training, while adding in cycling and cross country skiing for recovery…and trying to fit in yoga and weights…and you know, life!

Any tips from you multi-sports peeps out there?

Marathon training has taught me that I need to work on building some mileage…right now my long run has just hit the 5 mile mark. Huge, I know. But I have to say, I was pretty proud of my run on Sunday! (Minus that whole, opposite of negative splits thing)-I blame the uphill on the way home 😉


But seriously, tips on training for more than one sport??!! Thanks.

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