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Frozen Eyelashes

on January 31, 2017


Is anyone else freaking out a little bit about the fact that tomorrow is the first day of February?! How?! January flew by!

We are pretty excited to see some 30+ degree days up here this week. If it is above 30 and the sun is out…shorts weather! Okay, not exactly, but it feels stinking good outside!

This weekend was on the colder side of things. I opted to get my “long” run in on Saturday so that I could be all about playing on Sunday after church. I headed out for my run around 9:45 am. It was -4 degrees out. I was dressed well for the conditions and pulled my jacket about 1 mile in….but my sunglasses kept fogging and freezing so I had to pull them. This meant that my eyelashes got a bit frosty. They kept freezing together so I had to brush them off so that my eyes would open! Not going to lie, ran part of the run with them closed!




I did 8 miles at an 8:25ish pace. I ran out to the main road and then Ken and Brooke picked me up on the way to town. They were running a little late so I got to get in one extra mile of cool down (it had warmed up to 2 degrees at that point). Ended up with 9 for the day! Almost into double digits!!

Ken went for a fat bike ride in town before meeting us at the pool for a nice swim!

On Sunday, we had an amazing time playing outside! It was about 20 degrees and sunny. We took the snowmobiles to an awesome hill and Ken and I did some pow surfing. Brooke had a blast playing in the snow and eating about 3 pounds of it. When we were done, Ken went out on the snowmobile with our neighbor for a bit while Brooke and I prepped dinner. When he got home, I threw on a headlamp and went out on my cross country skis for a 30 minute workout.


It was beautiful! Slightly eerie in the dimming light, but beautiful!

Yesterday and today, I hit up the trainer and some yoga, but Brooke and I will be playing outside this afternoon!! Rumors of an early spring. I wouldnt complain 😉

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