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Going back, back to Cali, Cali

on January 20, 2017

After a quick trip to California….we are back!

Last week, we made a quick, weather dependent trip to SoCal to pick up a toy trailer. When you need a “trailer” for “toys” I think you know you have a problem. We are gearing up for a Spring full of trips to the desert to escape a bit of snow and hit some mountain bike trails!

Our trip was pretty whirlwind. Brooke and I drove to Utah to pick up Ken on Wednesday evening from a work event and spent another 1.5 hours driving South before pulling into a hotel for the night. We spent the majority of Thursday finishing up the trip in some epic pouring rain.


We were able to spend a couple of days hanging out with my fam and watching Brooke enjoy some quality cousin time. I headed over to run with my sister on Saturday morning and she was kind enough to take me on a 10 mile run (in shorts!?!?!). I have not seen double digits in over 2 years. It was great. And I wanted to die a little.

We hopped back in the car on Saturday evening to get about 4 hours of travel in and finished up the trip around 9 pm on Sunday. Exhausted much!?

This week, we have been catching back up on real life and normal kid events: ski lessons, dance, swimming. My kid is so much cooler than me. Finding our way back into routine and workouts. Unfortunately, it has meant some quality trainer time?


Check out my super cool headband! It ties so it doesnt kill my head!


Workouts on the road and since we have returned:

Friday-2.5 easy miles with the pup

Saturday-10 mile run


Tuesday-Ride on trainer 45 minutes easy

Wednesday-3 miles easy run

Thursday-1 hour on the trainer moderate (base)

Pretty excited to get outside this weekend for some workouts! Supposed to be snowy, but decently warm. Funny how warm is relative!

Spring is coming? Right? So I have been working on planning what my races will look like this year. Have some pretty neat/terrifying plans. They are going to require some crazy training. A little outside my comfort zone…but some cool goals before I turn 35. Cant wait to tell you all about them!

Spoiler alert….50 miles mtn bike race on a Saturday with a trail marathon the next day. Yikes!

Happy almost Friday!


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