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Snow Moving

on January 6, 2017

Happy Friday!! [Insert happy dance here]

The past few days have been a bit, er, snowy over here! I think we got somewhere near 2 feet in 24 hours? It was a lot! And then a few more inches in the surrounding hours.

Due to large amount of white stuff (and my kiddo’s lack of desire to ride in the jogger during a giant snow storm), I spent Tuesday hopping on the bike for some trainer time. Nothing like watching Chopped while riding to make you hungry by the end of the hour!


On Wednesday, Brooke had her first day of ski lessons. She absolutely loved it and actually cried when it was over. I got to sneak out for a quick run while she was skiing. It was snowing and there was about 3 inches on the path, but that just makes you a stronger runner, right? I forgot my sunglasses though, so those 3 miles involved getting pelted in the eyeballs with snow. 😦


My whole heart!img_0977

I ran with music for the first time in about 4 years. It was weird! I need to update the playlist on my ipod shuffle. Yep, stellar technology over here!


When we got home from ski-it took over an hour because of terrible conditions (and we had to stop to pull a Subaru out of a ditch-we sound pretty B.A. right?), I spent about 2 hours plowing and blowing snow from the driveway before Ken got home. (Then we spent another hour doing so after Brooke went to bed!). I was pretty prepared!


Yesterday, I kind of cheated on the workout front. I spent about 3 hours moving snow throughout the day (rural life!). We had gotten between 8-10 inches over night. I kid you not, moving snow is exhausting! So many sore muscles! I opted out of a run in 6 degrees (wouldn’t do that to Brooke) and couldn’t get myself on the trainer, so I hit the yoga mat for 30 minutes while Brooke played in the bathtub. She thinks it is her pool and I am pretty sure she has more toys in it than water.

This weekend is looking warmer and I cannot wait to get out to pound that pavement-or dirt-okay, who are we kidding, ice and snow.  Hoping to get in a weight workout and hopefully some fat biking and maybe some nordic skiing. Cant get enough of those outside snow workouts!!!

But first….it is time to hit the bike inside today! Yuck! Have an amazing Friday and superb weekend!!!

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