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Frozen Eyelashes


Is anyone else freaking out a little bit about the fact that tomorrow is the first day of February?! How?! January flew by!

We are pretty excited to see some 30+ degree days up here this week. If it is above 30 and the sun is out…shorts weather! Okay, not exactly, but it feels stinking good outside!

This weekend was on the colder side of things. I opted to get my “long” run in on Saturday so that I could be all about playing on Sunday after church. I headed out for my run around 9:45 am. It was -4 degrees out. I was dressed well for the conditions and pulled my jacket about 1 mile in….but my sunglasses kept fogging and freezing so I had to pull them. This meant that my eyelashes got a bit frosty. They kept freezing together so I had to brush them off so that my eyes would open! Not going to lie, ran part of the run with them closed!




I did 8 miles at an 8:25ish pace. I ran out to the main road and then Ken and Brooke picked me up on the way to town. They were running a little late so I got to get in one extra mile of cool down (it had warmed up to 2 degrees at that point). Ended up with 9 for the day! Almost into double digits!!

Ken went for a fat bike ride in town before meeting us at the pool for a nice swim!

On Sunday, we had an amazing time playing outside! It was about 20 degrees and sunny. We took the snowmobiles to an awesome hill and Ken and I did some pow surfing. Brooke had a blast playing in the snow and eating about 3 pounds of it. When we were done, Ken went out on the snowmobile with our neighbor for a bit while Brooke and I prepped dinner. When he got home, I threw on a headlamp and went out on my cross country skis for a 30 minute workout.


It was beautiful! Slightly eerie in the dimming light, but beautiful!

Yesterday and today, I hit up the trainer and some yoga, but Brooke and I will be playing outside this afternoon!! Rumors of an early spring. I wouldnt complain ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Friday Faves-Race Planning Edition

Happy Friday! Bam and it’s the weekend! Pretty excited over here. It has been pretty cold the past few days so we are looking forward to a bit of warmer weather over here (when you consider 18 degrees to be warmer!). Colder weather has meant some trainer riding this week and sneaking in a 3 mile run while Brooke was rocking ski school on Wednesday. Managed a 7 mile snow run last weekend and am hoping to work on building so more distance this weekend (if it isnt too freezing). ย I think we need a treadmill in the basement ๐Ÿ˜‰

A couple of pics from the week..

Since it is January and pretty much the best time to start thinking about warm weather (I think it may show up in May) I want to chat about some races that I have my eyes on for the season.

Steamboat Marathon

The Steamboat Springs Marathon (and half) course happens to be on the road that has the turn off for my house! I drive the road into town and it is GORGEOUS. My sister is toying with the idea of making the trip out from California to do the full and I said that I would do it with her if she does! It is a course with a lot of rolling hills and is a net down hill. It will be my second marathon ever and first post-kiddo. I have started logging some miles and look forward to this beautiful event! It happens to be the first weekend of June, so there will be a lot of snow training leading up to this one!

Tri the Boat

I have never done a triathlon. Ever. And am a little nervous about this one. Not 100% sure that I will get to do it this year, but since I will be running and cycling, why not add a little swimming to the mix? Another beautiful course. It is also in June, so we will have to see what training is like. Maybe the sprint distance to start off? Tri people…advice? Learning to actually go somewhere while swimming may be the first step?!

Steamboat Stinger/Queen Bee

Steamboat Stinger

Okay, this is kind of the big one. Last year I did the Stinger as a team with my sister in law. This year, I am thinking about going absolutely crazy and doing something called the Queen Bee. This entails riding the 50 mile mountain bike race on Saturday and then doing the trail marathon on Sunday. Sound extreme?? ย This will be the craziest thing that I have ever taken on…but since I am training for a marathon already and dont know when I will again (it is hard!) I figured I might as well check this off a bucket list! I am waiting to sign up for a bit as I want to see how my body responds to some of the training. It could happen though! Bust out the foam roller and hot tub recovery! (This is in August so I have a bit more time outdoors to train for this!).

The rest of the year will include cyclocross races, not sure which ones…but we cant stop the ‘cross! I wont start thinking about those until the fall ๐Ÿ˜‰

Any big race plans this year?? Bucket list events??

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Going back, back to Cali, Cali

After a quick trip to California….we are back!

Last week, we made a quick, weather dependent trip to SoCal to pick up a toy trailer. When you need a “trailer” for “toys” I think you know you have a problem. We are gearing up for a Spring full of trips to the desert to escape a bit of snow and hit some mountain bike trails!

Our trip was pretty whirlwind. Brooke and I drove to Utah to pick up Ken on Wednesday evening from a work event and spent another 1.5 hours driving South before pulling into a hotel for the night. We spent the majority of Thursday finishing up the trip in some epic pouring rain.


We were able to spend a couple of days hanging out with my fam and watching Brooke enjoy some quality cousin time. I headed over to run with my sister on Saturday morning and she was kind enough to take me on a 10 mile run (in shorts!?!?!). I have not seen double digits in over 2 years. It was great. And I wanted to die a little.

We hopped back in the car on Saturday evening to get about 4 hours of travel in and finished up the trip around 9 pm on Sunday. Exhausted much!?

This week, we have been catching back up on real life and normal kid events: ski lessons, dance, swimming. My kid is so much cooler than me. Finding our way back into routine and workouts. Unfortunately, it has meant some quality trainer time?


Check out my super cool headband! It ties so it doesnt kill my head!


Workouts on the road and since we have returned:

Friday-2.5 easy miles with the pup

Saturday-10 mile run


Tuesday-Ride on trainer 45 minutes easy

Wednesday-3 miles easy run

Thursday-1 hour on the trainer moderate (base)

Pretty excited to get outside this weekend for some workouts! Supposed to be snowy, but decently warm. Funny how warm is relative!

Spring is coming? Right? So I have been working on planning what my races will look like this year. Have some pretty neat/terrifying plans. They are going to require some crazy training. A little outside my comfort zone…but some cool goals before I turn 35. Cant wait to tell you all about them!

Spoiler alert….50 miles mtn bike race on a Saturday with a trail marathon the next day. Yikes!

Happy almost Friday!


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