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A Wonderful Wednesday

on April 6, 2016

Happy Hump Day, guys!

We are lucky to have some gorgeous weather today (especially since it rained and snowed ALL DAY YESTERDAY!!).

This past weekend seems so long ago! Good thing we are almost to another one 😉

Over the weekend, Ken and I got in some good rides! I got about 74 miles between the 2 days and it felt great! Exhausting, but great! We spent a lot of the rest of our time up at the house that we are under contract on. We are trying to figure out the water supply and were working on shoveling about 5 feet of snow off of the porch (not exaggerating at all!).

Some highlights…

*Friday: SNOW HIKE


Yes, I ended up giving her a ride back


We went to dinner to celebrate the official sale of our first home. Went for a walk with the littles while Ken rode with some friends first. Too pretty not to be outside!


*Sunday: After my ride (and while Ken was out)…this girl got her ride on!


*Monday: More snow hiking. Jasper loves it…and there is a park, so yeah.



Got some Monday miles in


Yesterday was icky, so we took advantage of the return of the sun today by hiking up a mountain. I got smart and found her backpack carrier!


We hit the pool up on the way home. Now we are having some lunch while I finish up some grading and then are headed back out for a ride! So good!

Catch ya later! Go outside!

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