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Weekending is my Fave

on March 29, 2016

Catching up on some weekend fun over here! Cant believe it is Tuesday already…Monday seems to have evaporated…and we arent sad about it over here! One day closer to the next weekend….

Here are some weekend highlights

*Saturday Ken raced a fat bike race up near Steamboat Lake. It wasnt gorgeous or anything.



Yep, we sported our matching hats 😉IMG_8819

Ken won the race and was gifted the “golden Eagle”. Brooke promptly stole that little guy. Refuses to sleep without him now!IMG_8830

When we got home from the race, I was supposed to ride…BUT this happened instead.


Sometimes you just need a rest day, y’all…so instead we went to bike shops and oogled new goodies (that made me feel guilty about skipping my ride)-facepalm.

*Sunday…we celebrated Easter with some bunny shaped food!


Unfortunately, Brooke ate too much of the pineapple bunny and Ken got to see that later.

After a low key egg and basket hunt, Ken headed out for a ride and I followed when he was done. It was pretty spectacular out! I enjoyed about 30 miles of perfection (but lazy legs).


We spent the rest of the evening eating and enjoying fam time!

*Monday…Back on the trainer for 45 minutes. It’s like I am hating it less…or maybe when it is your only option, you make it work.

In the afternoon, we signed paperwork that will hopefully put us under contract on a sweet foreclosure property! More on that to come…including some serious reno projects. Fixer upper anyone?!

*Today…we are being lazy. Okay, I rode for almost an hour on the trainer and then we went for a walk in this…so good!


Hoping the little will take a little rest this afternoon so I can get some work done!

Enjoy your day! Hope you get outside!

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