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Outside is Sweet.

on March 22, 2016

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I hope you had an amazing weekend!

We enjoyed some non-snowy weather over here and it was pretty sweet. I even got to ride outside….4 days in a row. BAM!

Some highlights….

*We are still in home searching mode. On Saturday we went and looked at a home that recently popped up on the market. It is “a bit of a fixer upper” but I kind of love that idea! Ken and I aren’t afraid to tackle some DIY projects…or 10, so we will see how it goes. Another house that we were interested in that had previously gone under contract-reappeared today. Not sure what that means, but we will be doing some talking and looking and talking and looking throughout the week.

*Saturday’s ride was about 1.5 hours of hard effort (followed by dinner out to celebrate 7 years of marriage!) and then Sunday I was able to get about 30 miles in during my 2 hour ride. It was pretty perfect. I saw about 20 cars in 30 miles. Can you beat that?!




*Brooke has been crushing her bike skills lately. I ask her all the time if we can go for a run (i.e. her in the stroller) and she tells me “no, I want to ride my bike.” So proud of her, but Jasper and I could use a little running in our lives.


*We got to sneak out on a ride yesterday afternoon when Ken got home. It was 52 degrees. Kind of awesome!

*This morning Brooke and I beat the rain/snow that should be finding us this afternoon and hit the bike path for an hour and some park time. Now we are getting ready to take Jasper out (and Brooke has informed me she will be riding).



*Anyone else obsessed with the slow cooker. We will be out this afternoon/evening and I just threw stuff in to be ready when we get home. Heaven.

Okay, enough random. Just found out that the last of the Hunger Games movies came out on Redbox today. Anyone want to guess what my weekend will look like?

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