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Random Friday-ness

on March 18, 2016

Happy Friday, everyone!! Hope you have some fun weekend plans!

I am pretty stoked on getting outside to ride after spending all week inside on the trainer. I mean, I will take the workout, but I MISS outside!

We spent all of last weekend (and then Brooke and I drove down and back to Boulder on Monday…ahhh) to finish up the last of our packing. I can now say, we wont be going back to our “old house”. Mixed emotions! So we are extra excited to spend time up here together playing for the next two days!

Some highlight/lowlight/faves/notfave….

Love…spending time with this girl….


Love the occasional moment it is warm enough to eat outside!


Love celebrating 7 years of marriage…and many more together (and some pretty Hawaiian flowers)


Dont Love…a lady hitting our parked truck while we are in the process of finishing moving. Thanks, lady.


Didnt love…Driving home in a blizzard…with Brooke. Whew. That was exhausting.


Love/hate….riding the trainer…watching Sesame Street. Like the trainer couldnt be worse! At least I had a fun sidekick to entertain me.




Love/hate….another 8+ inches of snow. Spring?

IMG_8715Enough random?

Going to take advantage to the cessation of snow and try to run the kids to the park…We need outside! 😉

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