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So, its been what, a month?

on March 10, 2016

Hi there!

After about a month of crazy, I am finally sitting down to do something other than grade assignments on my computer during “rest time”.

Since I was last on here, we have moved into the town of Steamboat Springs into a wonderful, albeit small, townhouse. There is a whole room of bikes. I kid you not. And about 3 feet to hang out in, so we are getting in some good quality time together!

I will spare you all the gritty details, but we are in the process of house hunting, having our Denver house close early (more road tripping) and enjoying day to day life!

Some highlights…

*Steamboat is fantastic!  Brooke and I are taking advantage of a membership to the hot springs and hit up the pools almost everyday (a joy of being 3 miles from them!)

*The weather is strange. We have had snow, sun, rain, freezing fog…just about everything…somehow they are all gorgeous!

*Because of work schedules, I am riding the trainer a whole heck of a lot. I cherish my weekend rides…mainly because they look like this…


I cannot really complain about the trainer (other than at 5:30am in the dark), but when I get to ride it during the day…I take it outside!


*Riding the trainer and tight quarters with no yard means that Jasper needs to get out! So we have been doing some running around here! So much so, that I may train for a half marathon!


Apparently, the running uniform here involves trucker hats, regular sunglasses and knee high socks. Who knew?!


*This view of ours though!?!?!


We are loving it so much up here and feel totally blessed to have this amazing opportunity!

I will be back soon (promise!) with more workout details and some race plans!

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