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An Actual Weekend in Paradise.

on February 9, 2016

Howdy! How is your Tuesday going? Did you have a good weekend??

We finally had to chance to stay home for a weekend and enjoy some time together. Yes, there were tons of “To Do’s” that had to get done, but we got to throw some fun in there too!

On Saturday, we had breakfast while watching some Cyclocross racing…gotta love that it is still going on across the pond! Ken went out for a ride while I cleaned up the house and then I took my turn in the beautiful sunshine….pretty stinking cold still! I ended up eating it pretty hard on the way back, but that is what happens when you push your limits!



Once home, I hopped into the shower before we headed off for some house hunting. I forgot how exhausting that is!

On Sunday, we had another beautiful day! SUN!!! Ken and I once again took turns getting our ride on. Of course, we first did two full trailer loads to our storage unit….so riding was a nice recovery for that workout!

I went first and had an amazing time. Even managed to keep it upright!



Ken headed out in the afternoon while I prepped some dinner and then we watched the Super Bowl. Our Broncos won…no biggie 😉

The last two mornings have been filled with trainer riding. (Thank goodness for the weekends!)

The kids and I managed to get outside for some playtime though!




We are loving our snow…but are very excited to see some 30+ degree temps later this week!

Have an awesome evening!!

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