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An Actual Weekend in Paradise.

Howdy! How is your Tuesday going? Did you have a good weekend??

We finally had to chance to stay home for a weekend and enjoy some time together. Yes, there were tons of “To Do’s” that had to get done, but we got to throw some fun in there too!

On Saturday, we had breakfast while watching some Cyclocross racing…gotta love that it is still going on across the pond! Ken went out for a ride while I cleaned up the house and then I took my turn in the beautiful sunshine….pretty stinking cold still! I ended up eating it pretty hard on the way back, but that is what happens when you push your limits!



Once home, I hopped into the shower before we headed off for some house hunting. I forgot how exhausting that is!

On Sunday, we had another beautiful day! SUN!!! Ken and I once again took turns getting our ride on. Of course, we first did two full trailer loads to our storage unit….so riding was a nice recovery for that workout!

I went first and had an amazing time. Even managed to keep it upright!



Ken headed out in the afternoon while I prepped some dinner and then we watched the Super Bowl. Our Broncos won…no biggie 😉

The last two mornings have been filled with trainer riding. (Thank goodness for the weekends!)

The kids and I managed to get outside for some playtime though!




We are loving our snow…but are very excited to see some 30+ degree temps later this week!

Have an awesome evening!!

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Happy Friday, y’all!

Fun weekend plans?? We are doing a little house hunting/moving into a storage unit/packing up the place we have lived in for 2 weeks…you know, the usual! We are also hoping to get in some outside riding. We have ridden the trainer… Oomph! All of those, except for Tuesday were at 5:30 am, too! Ick!

The week has been kind of weird. Some moments the days have flown by and others the week has gone on FOREVER. It has been really cold, so we have been inside most of the week. Not our fave. Brooke decided to take her jolly good time falling asleep today (which is better than not at all!) so Jasper and I are waiting for her to get up so we can go out and enjoy the warm (21 degrees!) temps!

Instead of Friday Faves….Friday random images!!



It is hard to be my dog

IMG_8405 (1)

Homemade bone broth Chicken Noodle Soup. Hello, yum.



Do you see that 43 degrees in the forecast. Living for that.

IMG_8413 (1)

Alright…time to grab the kiddo and hit the trails….of new snow from this morning 😉

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Monday Matters

Hey, Hey and Happy Monday!

I hope you had a stellar weekend. Ours was a bit of a whirlwind, but super fun all the same.

Before I jump into some catch up…today was an awesome workout day!! I got up this morning and hit up the trainer for an hour of spinning while Ken went out on his fat bike to play in the snow. As much as I detest the trainer, I am not quite ready to venture into the dark in territory that I am not familiar with yet!

Later this morning, I needed to go to the post office. It is about a mile and a half away, so instead of getting the kiddo all packed in the car…I put her in the B.O.B and we set out with the pup for some snow running! There was about 2.5 inches of unplowed snow on the path, but it was awesome. Knocked out 2 birds with one stone! I rocked my spiked shoe covers for the first time and LOVED them. No slipping…even on the ice. So good.


Came home for lunch and then did 30 minutes of yoga and weights. Brooke jumped in on the yoga. The stuffed animals did a great job 😉


Over the weekend, we headed back to the Denver area. My sister-in-law and her husband were nice enough to let us stay with them and watch Brooke while Ken and I went to the Colorado Cyclocross awards ceremony.

I scored some sweet, bright sunglasses…I should never lose them…in a raffle!


We got to see some of our awesome ‘cross friends and teammates. Ken stood on the top step (that is a female teammates jersey, we totally forgot his!) and collected his trophies (individual and team). So so proud of the season he had!


Actually had a friend take our picture because we have about 2 of us together!

IMG_8396Whoa…jeans and make up…dream big!

The next morning, we watched cyclocross worlds (amazing) before packing up some more stuff and making the drive back up to the snow.

Now the kiddo is actually napping…so I am going to get some work done 🙂 Catch ya later!


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