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Friday Favorites

on January 29, 2016

Happy Friday!! Who is excited for the weekend? Since it is Ken’s first full week back at work, we have been missing him a lot this week. Pretty excited to see his face a bit more the next couple of days!

This morning, we were up early for some riding. I was inside on the trainer for an easy 45 minutes while Ken ventured out into the dark and came home with stories of new snow, cows and elk. Good times here in Hayden!

We are actually heading down to the Denver area tomorrow (after hopefully getting out for some snow riding first). We have an awards ceremony to attend for Ken and we are pretty excited to hang with E and C for a couple of days. Brooke has been talking about it all week.

But first…here are some faves for the week…


FullSizeRender (9)


Nothing says “you have moved to the mountians” like some sweet wool clothing. Luckily, Ken gets to call that work now and we ended up with some sweet attire! Seriously in love with all of it! That hat…I wear it in the house! How is it so soft?! Welcome to my new uniform 😉

Trainer time


Okay, this one is a love/hate (and there is now a TV on that stand). Being on the trainer is FAR from my favorite thing…in fact, it is no secret that I dont like it in the least…BUT when there is no other option, it is a great way to get in an early morning workout. Cant really leave the B home while I go ride 😉

Views like this…




Each afternoon, Brooke, Jasper and I have been able to get out on the snow path for a couple of miles of walking (more like trudging through the snow). We all love getting out…and it is simply gorgeous!!

My Daughter’s Lunch Requests


Yes, I have quite the fancy 2 year old!

Jasper’s Rough Life

Super hard being the pup!

Have a stellar weekend!! See ya next week 🙂

One response to “Friday Favorites

  1. Your daughter’s lunch request looks like something I would have loved when I was a kid, and possibly even now too (minus the meat)!

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