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on December 8, 2015

Happy Happy Tuesday! It is the last week of classes up in here so I finished up lecture and give my final on Thursday. BAM! Another semester wrapping up. It is super awesome when you love what you are doing! While I love the break, I soooo enjoy my time in the classroom!

Not only is the semester wrapping up, so is cross season?!?! I have a weird love/hate relationship with this.

One hand: I am pretty much exhausted (maybe even mostly mentally). We have been racing almost every weekend since September and I have a hard time remember what it was like with both a Saturday and a Sunday not revolving around race times.

Other hand: I am going to MISS seeing all of my awesome cross-y friends! So fun to create some awesome relationships and I will be sad to not see them once or twice a week! Also, racing = fun!

Brooke was even practicing her skills this week!



This past weekend was Regional Championships. Last year, I won this race….because there is very little technical skill required and it is really a fitness course. I knew that going into this year’s event things would be a little different. It was only my 4th race in the new category and there are some seriously strong ladies!

My start was pretty terrible as I missed my pedal and struggled to get clipped in. Eventually, I got my crap together and started pedaling. The start led into a climb so I tried my hardest to get passed people on the way up. I think I was about 7th or so by the top (my goal was top 4-oops).

We were dropped into a parking lot that was super fast and then launched into a volleyball sandpit. I didnt have problems in warm up, but at race speed I awesomely botched the first and almost ate it over the bars. I grabbed my bike and started running and was happy to make it through alive.



Throughout the next few laps I was able to pass several of the girls in front of me. I was in 5th when the girl in 1st had a mechanical issue that would cause her to withdraw from the race. I sat in 4th and played yo-yo with the girl in front of me. A podium spot would have been awesome but I finished feeling as if I had literally given everything I had-maybe for the first time all season. Utter exhaustion and it felt so good!

One of the biggest things for me at the race was that I was able to finish in front of some of the girls who have destroyed me all year. It was a nice confidence booster for the end of the season and makes me hopeful that I can be competitive in that category next year.

Ken had a great race and ended up 2nd to a super talented junior racer!

This coming week, I am taking things a bit easy as I chose to not race this Saturday. I will be there cheering on my awesome family and friends, but will be happy to give the legs a break. The following Sunday will be States and then….we start training for Fat Bike Nationals! No dull moments over here!!

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