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States and the End of a Season

Howdy and Merry Belated Christmas!

The fam and I are enjoying some frigid temps in Wyoming right now, but I thought I would pop in to say hi!

This post has 2 topics…first, States…the end of cyclocross season and second, a new hometown.

Okay, lets recap with a little bit of ‘cross states. Last weekend, Ken and I lined up for the end of our cross year.

My race was…alright. The course was super awesome…muddy and HARD! I loved it. My stomach on the other hand was a bit of an issue and I just really never felt like I could work very hard. I was pretty happy with my 7th place finish 🙂


It was pretty interesting. During my race it was sunny and then during Ken’s, there was a blizzard. Ha! Ken had a killer race and took 3rd on the day. An excellent finish in a very fast group!IMG_8012

Quite an awesome ending to a fantastic season 🙂

This past week, Ken, Brooke and I ventured up to Steamboat Springs where Ken interviewed for a job. More on that when things are in writing, but as of now, he has a verbal commitment to the company and we are looking at moving up there in a couple of weeks.

While K was interviewing, B and I went to test out a local park. Even with the 3 feet of snow, she gave it 2 mitten-y thumbs up!



Once home, we got everything prepped for Christmas Eve, Christmas and our little trip. On Christmas Eve, Ken and his sis and her husband surprised me with this…


It is a Jet 9 RDO and I think we are going to be great friends! I am already in love with the super big wheels! They want to roll over EVERYTHING! I was pretty stinking surprised! I guess this is one time where I am thrilled that my birthday is the day after Christmas and that I get a combo present. Now, if it could just be spring! kidding…kinda.

Our trip home will take us through Steamboat to look at some rental houses so we can get used to the area. Jasper is joining us this time, so we will be waiting on his approval as well!

We are very excited for this new adventure and I cant wait to share it with you! For now, it is Fat Bike season…but I refuse to ride in under 10 degrees 😉

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Regionals, etc

Happy Happy Tuesday! It is the last week of classes up in here so I finished up lecture and give my final on Thursday. BAM! Another semester wrapping up. It is super awesome when you love what you are doing! While I love the break, I soooo enjoy my time in the classroom!

Not only is the semester wrapping up, so is cross season?!?! I have a weird love/hate relationship with this.

One hand: I am pretty much exhausted (maybe even mostly mentally). We have been racing almost every weekend since September and I have a hard time remember what it was like with both a Saturday and a Sunday not revolving around race times.

Other hand: I am going to MISS seeing all of my awesome cross-y friends! So fun to create some awesome relationships and I will be sad to not see them once or twice a week! Also, racing = fun!

Brooke was even practicing her skills this week!



This past weekend was Regional Championships. Last year, I won this race….because there is very little technical skill required and it is really a fitness course. I knew that going into this year’s event things would be a little different. It was only my 4th race in the new category and there are some seriously strong ladies!

My start was pretty terrible as I missed my pedal and struggled to get clipped in. Eventually, I got my crap together and started pedaling. The start led into a climb so I tried my hardest to get passed people on the way up. I think I was about 7th or so by the top (my goal was top 4-oops).

We were dropped into a parking lot that was super fast and then launched into a volleyball sandpit. I didnt have problems in warm up, but at race speed I awesomely botched the first and almost ate it over the bars. I grabbed my bike and started running and was happy to make it through alive.



Throughout the next few laps I was able to pass several of the girls in front of me. I was in 5th when the girl in 1st had a mechanical issue that would cause her to withdraw from the race. I sat in 4th and played yo-yo with the girl in front of me. A podium spot would have been awesome but I finished feeling as if I had literally given everything I had-maybe for the first time all season. Utter exhaustion and it felt so good!

One of the biggest things for me at the race was that I was able to finish in front of some of the girls who have destroyed me all year. It was a nice confidence booster for the end of the season and makes me hopeful that I can be competitive in that category next year.

Ken had a great race and ended up 2nd to a super talented junior racer!

This coming week, I am taking things a bit easy as I chose to not race this Saturday. I will be there cheering on my awesome family and friends, but will be happy to give the legs a break. The following Sunday will be States and then….we start training for Fat Bike Nationals! No dull moments over here!!

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Another Game of Catch Up

Okay, I blame Thanksgiving and such for being off the grid. In the best way. Nice to step away from technology and just worry about consuming ridiculous amounts of delicious food!

The past couple of weeks have been busy and relaxed all at the same time. Let’s do a brief rewind to 2 weekends ago. On Saturday, we raced the Bowl of Death. Last year, this was a venue that straight up terrified me. There are some sketchy descents and lots of dirt. This year, we had snow leading up to the race, but warmish temps would mean mud. And there was…mud! I LOVED it! The course was pretty technical as even the areas of grassy turns had become saturated and slippery.

I had a rough start because the woman in front of me had to hop off her bike the last second before the whistle blew to fix something. I darted left around her and then quickly back to the right to pass on the side. There was a pretty decent and muddy run up (love this part!) followed by grass, more mud, some watery ditches and then a sand pit. I was pretty excited to pass a few of the girls who have been consistently beating me this year! I ended up finishing 8th in a pretty good sized field and was more than thrilled with that!

I dont have any pics of myself, but here are two of the hubby playing in the mud!

This past week involved a LOT of riding and it was awesome! Sun, Mon, Tues we used the excuse that crappy weather was coming so we had better get in some extra miles (prep for lots of turkey too!) and then my in-laws were in town so we had built in babysitters for the second half of the week…so we had to take advantage of time riding together and with E and C! All together, I had 13 straight days of riding in and was happy to take a rest day yesterday! (The last 7 of those involved 11 hours on the bike and over 116 miles-mostly on snow!).

During the Thanksgiving weekend (Saturday), Ken and I headed to Parker solo for some ice skating…I mean bike racing. The course was a bit treacherous and was literally mostly ice. Had I not pre-registered, I may have bailed (Ken told me I could bail even though I had already paid!-That’s how you know it is scary!).

While Ken raced (and took 7th in crazy conditions) I hung out in the pit for him in case he needed his second bike. Because it was all frozen, nothing really stuck to the bike and he didnt need anything). About 2 laps from the end of his race, I headed over and pulled my ski clothes off before starting my “race”.

I was a hot mess (or frozen mess). From the start, I couldnt get clipped in (I was wearing my winter booties…great for riding, less for racing). The course was insanely slick and I was not willing to take the risks that others seemed to. On the start of lap 2 of 4, my contacts froze and one popped out of my eye and got stuck in my eyelashes. I tried very hard to blink it out, but ended up having to actually stop and pull my sunglasses to pull it off. That left the last 3/4 of the race to be done with one good eye. Disaster!

The lack of contact totally messed with my depth perception. I didnt know when to break and couldnt see much of the definition in the frozen ruts. I slowed down quite a bit and was just happy to finish….9th 🙂 Not last! It was a crazy crazy race, but I am glad I did it! (I only crashed-well went all the way down-once).

Somehow, Ken and I ended up in one of the pics on the Colorado Cycling Newsletter (Blue jacket, pink hat).


Yep, we are crazy!

The next few days, we joined E and C for some awesome Fat Biking. We are LOVING riding in the snow (and less than 20 degrees-okay, not really that part!).


It is seriously super fun and an amazing workout!

Today, I started back at school to finish up the last 2 weeks of class, our company has left and life returns to normal. We are prepping for Regionals this coming Saturday (on a course that I LOVED last year). Time to get on some warm clothes and hop on my bike!