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Race 1 as a Cat 3 and Fun in the Sun

Happy Monday, Y’all!

Hope you had a stellar weekend! It was pretty nice over here πŸ™‚

Saturday brought with it amazing temps and gorgeous views. For the middle of November, it is pretty exciting to see 60+ degrees. I was a little less than excited to line up for my first 3s race…mainly because Mother Nature decided to pay me a visit that morning and partly because I was scared to death to start with a new group!

I have been incredibly lucky this year as I have had a front row call up for all of my previous races. This was my first having to start behind girls and fight for space. Turns out, I am not very good at that! I had anticipated that the start of the race would be a faster version of my previous group, but I was wrong. The speed was about the same, but these ladies are much more aggressive. We are talking elbows, running into each other and lots of line hacking. I know what I need to work on! I was so thrown off by all of that, that I was the last person onto the grass.

The course isnt my fave, but I decided to make the most of it! I caught several girls while racing around the course and trying not to pass out from exhaustion. There were 5 laps and I felt good for the first and last 2, but those 2 in the middle were something brutal!

There was one ditch that I couldnt mentally get over and ended up running (planning to head over there later this week to work on it!). The rest of the course was a mix of heavy grass, slick as snot mud and some concrete. Β There was a steep muddy run up and then a second slick muddy run up out of a ditch. I LOVED these sections, but I didnt love that I got stuck behind girls who couldnt seem to make it up them ON EVERY LAP. Again, I need to learn to be more aggressive.

The adorable lady in the Naked kit is a great bike racer, but I think I could give her some tutoring in trail running. Killed me every time, but I couldnt seem to stay in front of her going into this run up!

On the last lap, I got stuck behind her…again…on this run up (the picture is from the first lap!). There was only a little bit of course between here and the finish. I stayed with her until we hopped the curbed onto the paved finishing straight and then I was able to out sprint her at the end. It was pretty exciting!


All in all, I was happy with how my first race as a 3 went. I have a ton of new stuff to work on for the rest of the season! There are 4 races left, though we may just do 3 of those, not sure. Glad to get some of the jitters out of the way!

Sunday was another glorious day and Ken managed to get almost 4 hours in of riding in the morning. Brooke and I worked around the house and then I was able to get 2.5 hours in with Errin in the afternoon. In shorts. And shortsleeves. HEAVEN.

Today, that is all changing. I have a rest day (thank goodness) and it is getting quite chilly out there. We are supposed to get some snow overnight and into tomorrow! Could make for some sweet fat bike conditions tomorrow πŸ˜‰

Stay warm πŸ™‚

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My First Trip to Moab

This past weekend, I experience something for the first time: Moab. And WOW, it did NOT disappoint!

On Thursday, after work, K, B, J and I picked up Errin and Colin on our way towards Utah. We were headed to the land of mountain bike mecca and only Ken had been before. The RV was loaded with bikes, drinks and some amazing food and was ready for some adventure. We stopped around 8:30 in Grand Junction for the night after having a delicious dinner in Vail and had a {less than stellar} night of sleep before finishing the journey.

Friday morning, we had some breakfast and then continued the trip to Moab. Every part of the drive was gorgeous. Some seriously neat terrain out there! Once we made it, we unpacked the RV before having some lunch. Errin and Colin set off on a 2 hour ride, Ken went out on his bike and I tried to {unsuccessfully} get Brooke to take a nap. Ha. Around 2, R and R (Ken’s parents) made their way into camp. When they got a bit settled, Ken and I took advantage of some babysitting and headed off for a ride. Disclaimer: I am NOT a natural mountain biker. Rocks terrify the crap out of me, cliffs=death in my eyes and my bike is pretty stinking heavy.

The ride was, eh, scary. Ken took me to rock, cliffs and everything else that makes my heart race. Well, that is what Moab is all about! I did “okay”. Personally, I had a blast because I felt myself getting better through the ride…but I could tell that Ken was less than impressed with my abilities and {lack of} speed. The rest of the evening was spent eating and hanging out and enjoying a warm fire.


On Saturday, R and R loaded up their jeep with Brooke and Jasper while K, E, C and I hopped on our bikes. We did about a 20 mile ride on dirt roads to this insane area of cliffs. No pics for me as I was terrified the whole time and just tried to keep J and B away from the edge.

Once back at camp, I took advantage of the “slickrock” that we were camped next to and practiced my skills. BTW, slickrock=tons of traction! Who knew?! I felt more and more comfortable.

Sunday brought a nice long ride through what seems like endless sand! We were all over the road trying to keep it upright, but it was so fun! R, R, B and J drove out and met us with the Jeep at an amazing tunnel! We explored, ate some lunch and played around on the rocks before making the journey back through the sand to camp.




On Monday, we planned a two hour ride before packing up and heading for home. Pretty sure that Ken thought it would be about 2.5-3 hours because I was joining the ride and I dont blame him! I wondered the same thing!

Ken and Colin went out in front and we had areas that we were going to meet up with them. Errin was kind enough to ride with me. I dont know if it was because I was less nervous with her or all of the practice I had been doing on the rocks, but I totally didnt suck!?! I was able to ride A LOT of things that I wouldnt have in the past and thoroughly enjoyed the trail! Even after I found out that it was intermediate/advanced! It was a BLAST!!! And we made it back in UNDER 2 hours!


The problem is…now I want to go ride my mountain bike all the time! Haha! Singletrack, I am coming for you in the spring!

I also learned how to ride Ken’s dirt bike on this trip…and kind of fell in love with that too…good thing it is too big for me to ride alone. Stinking short legs πŸ˜‰

It was an epic trip and we cannot wait to go back! Dont be surprised if you see me jumping into some beginner mtn bike races next year πŸ™‚

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A little Rewind


It has been a little while! Things have been pretty busy over here, so I am hoping I wore the home girl out enough at the zoo this morning and she will nap long enough for me to say some things!

Quick rewind back to two weekends ago…Halloween weekend! We are pretty casual about Halloween around here. It isnt a holiday that we “celebrate” but we made sure Brooke didnt feel left out of the dress up part. She sported her Cinderella outfit to our bike race that day and then we pushed her through the neighborhood to check out some cool looking pumpkins are to “Trick or Treat” at about 8 houses. She pretty much thought she was the coolest.

But back to the race part…The race was at the Dawson School and was one that I had success at last season finishing 4th. I knew that finishing in the top 3 would get me points for a mandatory upgrade and I was totally excited for that. It is a course that meets a lot of my abilities and is heavy fitness based. From the whistle, I knew I was in trouble. My bike wouldn’t shift and continued to click in the gear I wanted but wouldnt allow me to put any pressure on it to get anywhere. All I heard was clunk clunk clunk and spinning without accelerating. My wonderful husband (with the best intentions) had put a new chain on my bike that morning and while it was okay during warm up, clearly race efforts were out of its league.

I made my way to the first ride up. I was able to get into a low gear and push, but didnt have any of my easy climbing gears. Because of my lack of starting ability, I ended up in the middle to the back of the group. Not somewhere I wanted to be. Instead of calling the race in the first minute, I decided to keep going. Unfortunately, at the run up, a girl literally fell over sideways on top of me and took me half way down with her. Growl. With renewed vigor, I hopped back on my bike and churned my hard gear. Every once in a while, I would try to shift into an easier gear, only to have my bike reject me.

Over the course of the first lap, I was able to make my way back into the top 10, then the top 5. Ken noticed I was having problems and told me to come into the Pit. He and our friend Brady took a look at the bike, but couldnt fix it in that period of time. I was back on the course, pushing a hard gear up some gnarly climbs and flat out suffering. I eventually made my way into third place. Ken told me I could come into the pit again and that he would change out my rear wheel which would fix the problem. I tried doing the math in my head and that just seemed like too much time to have to try to make up if I lost spots, so I just kept at it. I dug really deep in the last lap and was able to close in on second, but just couldnt quite get there. I finished third-super happy to have made the podium and to have finished the race in general. It was my last race as a Cat 4 beginner.

Brooke felt pretty awesome


You can say Ken had a pretty successful race that day…he crushed the field and took his place on the top step!

The following day, I chose not to race but Ken had another great race and finished 3rd. Stellar weekend for him! I rode with my sis-in-law and we had an amazing ride and view!


Then, my two mechanics got to work on our bikes!


This past weekend (more like Thurs-Monday), we embarked on a different type of bike adventure…but more on that later! Off to ride and get ready for tomorrow’s race…and my first race in a new category! Starting from the back all over again πŸ˜‰

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