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Two Days, Two Races

on October 26, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had an excellent weekend. Last one before the time change….hello dark at 4:00!

This weekend was pretty awesome! Going into the weekend I was planning on only racing on Sunday. I pre-registered and pretty much called that good. I did a nice, easy ride on Friday with the intent to do my “openers” on Saturday morning. Well….about 8:30 on Friday, we saw a post from a friend that indicated that Saturday’s race would be a really fun course for me. I decided to play it by ear and take my bike to the race and see what I thought. Worst case scenario, I would do my openers after Ken had raced.

I kind of fell in love with the course and signed up. It was a really tough power course with very few technical elements. Yes, please.

The start was great and I stayed with the lead group for the whole first lap. Some girls got in front of me and made some mistakes. I got gaped off of the front group but kept working hard. I managed to get in front of the few girls that passed me…minus 2.

Just chillin at the back of the lead group

First podium this year! I was super excited, clearly B was not impressed.

To make it an even more awesome day, Ken finished his race in 2nd! We kind of like the same type of course. It was an awesome event and I was super happy I made the decision to race.

When Sunday came around, I was a little less enthusiastic about racing my bike. My legs and body felt tired from the day before and to be completely honest, the course that day was my nemesis from last year. Last year, I was terrified of some of the technical descents on slippery grass and this year brought similar conditions.

I went into the day just planning on riding as best as I could. My warm up was limited. I did 2 preview laps and a few minutes of riding around but my head just wasnt in the game. Last year I took 25th place at this race, so I made it my goal to try and stay in the top 10-15.

The start was fun-flat and fast and I ended up being the second person to hit the grass (last year I was last because I essentially stopped due to fear of the downhill). I hung on to the leader for a bit, but got passed by several ladies. I just didnt feel like I had anything. As the race progressed (the downhill became much less terrifying and I actually enjoyed it), I found a little bit of energy and I was able to pass a few girls back. It was an exhausting course and I feel incredibly blessed to have kept it upright and finished 5th-tons of crashes on the course. Shocked me more than anyone!

Ken had another great day of racing and finished 6th in a stacked men’s field. So proud of him!

It was a pretty exciting weekend in our house! Brooke did the best job cheering. I so love hearing her little voice while I am racing. Reminds me that there is so much more than just the bike and going fast.

A little hot yoga this morning and easy ride with the pup this afternoon has been enough to make me excited for bedtime already!

Have an amazing week!!

2 responses to “Two Days, Two Races

  1. Congrats on the amazing races! It sounds like it was a very successful and exciting few days.

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