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And on the 18th day…she napped!

on October 20, 2015

I dont always blog, but when I do, I make sure 2 weeks of really cool things happen in between so it is really long!

Since my precious little daughter only likes to nap once in a while and the time I get to blog happens to fall in those once in a whiles….here goes (to the sound of “Twinkle twinkle little star” playing on her monitor)…


Two weekends ago, Ken raced in a 3 day Cross event up in Fort Collins. It was a Friday night (under the lights), Saturday and Sunday event which meant a lot of driving when you live about an hour South.

On Friday, my sister-in-law came over after dinner and played with Brooke before putting her to bed while the husband and I headed up to the race. It was a close to a date as we normally get! It was super fun watching him race under the lights and while it wasn’t a very Ken-friendly course (he likes more power sections than so many turns) he did great! He raced at 8:45 which meant we didnt head home until about 11pm….way past our bedtimes!


On Saturday, we made our way back North, this time with the kiddo in tow. It was a better race for him and a shorter day for us.

On Sunday, I made the decision to race as well. My sister-in-law and her husband were racing earlier in the day and said they would stay to watch Brooke so the two of us could also have time for warm up and racing. I raced just before Ken and while the course was way outside my comfort zone (especially with a thumb and wrist that were none too thrilled about the bumpy descents and ribs that were less than thrilled with deep breathing). I made it through and was happy to finish 7th on the day. Ken had a great race and finished 7th in a very strong field! He ended up 5th overall for the 3 days of racing!

We followed the race up with a couple of days of normalcy before my mom came into town!! It was awesome to see her and we managed to cram a ton of events into a few days.

We checked out the Georgetown Loop and Brooke loved every single second. The fall colors were magnificent!


Did some pumpkin patching





An unpictured trip to the zoo….2 visits to Costco…Too much eating and then some bike racing!

On Saturday, we took my mom in to watch the Day 1 (C1) Cyclocross event. A bunch of the pros were in town so it was fun to go spectate the open race. Ken chose not to buy the UCI license this year and it was really neat to get to watch it with him (normally he would be racing that one).

On Saturday, I made everyone get up early so we could leave the house by 7:15 to make it to Boulder for my race. It was a pretty technical course with a lot of sketchy descents. AKA….my least favorite type of race. I was so lucky that my mom was there to watch Brooke and Jasper and Ken could take me out to preview the course and choose lines.

It must have been because I was trying to impress my mom, but I rode the best I have all season. I was able to ride all of the sections that didnt require running up stairs or that were too steep to stay on the bike…and I didnt even freak out! This would have been a different story last season (I probably wouldnt have raced it at all!).  I was able to finish just off the podium in 4th place. I was seriously elated! It was a tough course and they made us do 1 lap too many which put me at just under 52 minutes of racing (we are supposed to race for 40 minutes).


Yep, that’s about right.

After grabbing some lunch and hanging out…it was time for Ken to jump into his first ever single speed race…meaning he had to choose 1 gear for the whole course! He loved it AND crushed it!

He ended up finishing 2nd to our friend, Gage, who is an incredibly talented junior racer.IMG_2481


So pround! Then, little Miss B thought it would be fun to practice her podium skills…She clearly is going for the top step 🙂

IMG_2475 IMG_2477

It has been a blast of a couple of weeks and we are already back at the training this week! Ken is planning on a Double weekend again and I will be racing Sunday. We are supposed to get some cold weather and rain…should be really ‘cross-y this weekend!

Going to enjoy the last of the sun for a while 😉

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