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Life Change

on September 25, 2015

Yesterday was an interesting day in our household. Ken was laid off from his job at a company he has been with for about 7 years. While it wasnt out of the blue…there has been an insane amount of change there recently and he was actually the last one remaining in his department from the original crew…it is still scary. He has been looking and applying at other companies, but has yet to find the right fit. We know that it will be okay and he will find something. In the meantime, he will be home with Brooke while I teach. She will love that! It will be a new chapter and we will make it work.

In other news…yesterday was a much appreciated rest day. The legs were pretty tired after Wednesday’s workout so I was happy to let them relax a bit. Ken’s sister and husband took us out to dinner last night to “celebrate” Ken’s last day. It was a late night and we were both-well, all 3 of us, up early this morning. We hit up the trails for a ride together (Ken pulled Brooke) and it was just what we needed.

I am racing tomorrow in the sand-not sure how that will play out for many reasons. It will still be fun 🙂

Time to work on putting the house together for the weekend…although, I wish I could join Jasper in his current state….IMG_7424

Short one and no faves today, sorry. Figuring out emotions and logistics.

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