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Friday Faves and a NOT so fave

on September 11, 2015

Happy Friday!

A Friday filled with a lot of memories…terrible and amazing. The horrifying events of September 11th and the amazing compassion and love that was shown for strangers. We will never forget.

This weekend brings my first race of cyclocross season and to say I am a bit nervous is an understatement. Sunday should be exciting, y’all!

This week has been filled with some in-the-dark training (story of my life in all months other than the summer!) and work and some awesome playtime with the kiddo and pup!

We saw some cool temps this week (40s overnight–and for an early morning ride on Wednesday) which leads to my first fave of the week….

Fall clothes and beanies!


So, it may not have been cold enough to warrant this outfit, but after a cold ride I just couldnt get warm. Trip to the park complete with vest and hat! Bam!

Non work days with this bug


Our Wednesday involved park play, the zoo and a trip to Trader Joe’s. Lots of girl time! (Not loving that she naps once a week making for some grumpy evenings)

The fact that they are best friends


No explanation needed…my heart melts for these moments.

Cute as a Button


This nail polish from Essie is so cute! I get comments on it all the time…and it just happens to match my helmet 🙂

Brooke’s new Soccer Ball


It is adorable watching her run around a field trying to kick it…and then giving up and throwing it.

And the not so faves….

Getting a wasp down my jersey and having it sting me last weekend. That hurt. Bad.


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