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Life Change

Yesterday was an interesting day in our household. Ken was laid off from his job at a company he has been with for about 7 years. While it wasnt out of the blue…there has been an insane amount of change there recently and he was actually the last one remaining in his department from the original crew…it is still scary. He has been looking and applying at other companies, but has yet to find the right fit. We know that it will be okay and he will find something. In the meantime, he will be home with Brooke while I teach. She will love that! It will be a new chapter and we will make it work.

In other news…yesterday was a much appreciated rest day. The legs were pretty tired after Wednesday’s workout so I was happy to let them relax a bit. Ken’s sister and husband took us out to dinner last night to “celebrate” Ken’s last day. It was a late night and we were both-well, all 3 of us, up early this morning. We hit up the trails for a ride together (Ken pulled Brooke) and it was just what we needed.

I am racing tomorrow in the sand-not sure how that will play out for many reasons. It will still be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Time to work on putting the house together for the weekend…although, I wish I could join Jasper in his current state….IMG_7424

Short one and no faves today, sorry. Figuring out emotions and logistics.

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Race Result and some Tabatas

Well, hello Wednesday!

I am a bit late getting on here this week. It has been a busy one and the kiddo has finally decided to take a nap! Taking full advantage.

Quick race update: Raced on Saturday and it was killer! We had a large field of 46 ladies come out to play. The course isn’t really my style, but I was still aiming for top 10. I managed 11th and was pretty happy with that. I seriously brake way too much. No pictures yet…maybe soon! The husband finished in the top 10 with an insanely talented group of racers. Pretty proud of that guy!

Looking forward to the race this weekend. It is pretty much a sand fest.

More happenings…

I got a little bit too excited last Friday when my max wattage popped up with my old area code. Anyone else a total dork when it comes to things like that? 818 Baby!


The ride also included some pretty sweet skies and an amazing sunset!


Since we raced on Saturday, we had all of Sunday to hang out ๐Ÿ™‚ Ran some errands (home depot and Costco are very important to us as a family), rode to the park and just enjoyed chilling. Ken and I got our respective tempo workouts in during the afternoon. Brooke got her wheelie popping ride in earlier in the day!


Monday, I took the day off the bike and hit up a 6:30 am hot yoga class. It was amazing! Took the pup and kiddo on a 3.2 mile jog that included 2 park stops. No complaints from them.

Last night I prepped dinner for the kiddo and husband so they could eat at a normal hour while I went out and rode. It was nice to have at least 45 minutes in the light before darkness won and the light had to be turned on. I practiced some remounts and then played in a sandpit for a bit trying to prepare for this weekend. Unfortunately, there must have been something sharp in the sand because when I got home, there was a slash in my tire and it was flat. Sad day!

This morning I hit the road at about 5:30 am for a tabata workout. Ugh. Killer. Seriously, not even just because I was still half asleep.

Looked like this:

30 minute warm up followed by 3 sets of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off x 10 (5 minutes worth) and then 20 minutes home.

Amazingly, the husband had fresh coffee made for me when I walked in the door. I think I will keep him! Followed breakfast up with a trip to the park!

Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!

And pretty excited about the fact that someone will sit still long enough for me to braid her pretty little hair!



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More Friday Faves

Happy Friday ๐Ÿ˜€ So excited for the weekend!! Even though I do not physically go to work on Fridays or Mondays, those days are always full of paperwork, house cleaning chores, errand and much more. Work at home Moms need weekends. Bad!

Tomorrow we are off to race in Boulder. Pretty excited/nervous. Trying to tell myself that I just need to go out and have fun! It is amazing the unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves when it is just for fun.

How about some cool things kickin’ around this week?

This print that I found on Etsy


My sister and her husband have a GSP and a drahthaar. I found prints of each and had them sent to them for their anniversary. Hope they love them as much as I do!



Smith is kind enough to hook my husband out with some product as an elite athlete. I am such an awesome wife that he lets me share some of his toys. These new sunglasses are seriously sick.

Panache Bibs


Dont mind the fact that my hair needs to be washed. Bad. But…sometimes I need to give my team kit a little pazazz. Ken was the best husband ever and brought these bibs (the short part-they have suspenders-cycling clothes are weird) home this week. I am IN LOVE. They are just so cute and not to mention the most comfortable thing when it comes to cycling bibs!

“Tired, sit down, BREAK”


I love that Brooke is getting old enough that she can tell me what she wants! And it is super adorable when she does. Walks with her and the pup are the best. Even felt like Fall today!


IMG_7388ย Clearly, I am not a food blogger. I eat too much to share what I eat. BUT…Fall is here and so is pumpkin. The kiddo and I made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (which she called cake) and they are delish!

Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend! Back next week with a race report ๐Ÿ˜€

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