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A Flaming (Gorge) Good Weekend and Training in the Dark

on August 27, 2015

A few weeks ago, the husband, kiddo, pup and I met my in-laws in Flaming Gorge (Wyoming) for a few days of play.

We loaded up the RV and the 3 of us headed out on the open road! It was about a 5.5 hour drive from home, not terrible, but forever in the toddler world.

When we finally made it and got settled in, we hopped directly onto the boat. The scenery was gorgeous and the weather was perfect!




Each morning, Ken and I popped out for an hour-an hour and a half ride on our cross bikes. It was nice to mix up the training. I get so used to my normal routes at home that riding there was such a gift. So many new things to see!




Seriously adored my new bike! It was awesome having my in-laws there to play with B so that Ken and I could ride together. That doesnt happen very often!



Rocking it through camp with my Mini!

Each afternoon we went out on the boat for some floating, swimming and such. Jasper LOVED dock jumping off of the swim step and Brooke couldnt get enough of the water! We did some paddle boarding (Ken even pulled B around for a bit!). Never a dull moment on our vacations!


Totally recommend this lake/river to anyone looking for a good camping getaway!

Since our trip, reality has hit, hard. Last weekend I flew to Los Angeles for a baby shower 😀 It was my first time away from the kiddo, but she had so much fun with Daddy that I dont think she noticed I was gone. I came back and started back to teaching. I so LOVE teaching, but it is also exhausting!

As cross gets nearer and nearer, the husband and I are working on getting in the prep work. He has been doing his workouts while bike commuting to work and I have been fitting mine in pre-sunrise and during/post-sunset.

Maybe I need to find a sport that you do in the dark…getting pretty good at it! 😛

Ken’s first race is this Sunday. EEK! I will start in about 2 weeks, maybe 3, undecided 😉 And then it is all out through December!

IMG_7215Work + Kiddo + Training = Lots of time in the dark!

Happy training 😀

2 responses to “A Flaming (Gorge) Good Weekend and Training in the Dark

  1. joiworwood says:

    I love how adventurous and active you are w/you family 🙂

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