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A Good Hair Day?!

on August 10, 2015

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope y’all had a fantastic weekend! We had a good one over here.

This weekend, I must say that the husband was incredibly productive! He built and installed radon piping, cleaned out the garage, babysat, finished building my new bike (swoon), washed my car and crushed it in his race!

This girl started the weekend off by getting a new wet suit! Thank you, Amazon Prime!


On Saturday, we worked around the house in the morning. I ventured out for the maiden voyage on my new bike during nap time and was IN LOVE. It is so much fun and I cant wait to spend quality time with the orange-cicle!


I was out for just over an hour and it wasnt enough. It was a pretty tough ride, simply because you cannot possibly ride easy on a new bike day!

Sunday morning I was up bright and early! I left the house about 6:30 to ride to my sister-in-laws race. I got about an hour of ride time in on the way. She did awesome!

After she finished up, I rode home a shorter way to hang with the fam and have some breakfast. Ken worked on cleaning up the garage, while I took the kiddo and pup to the park for some play time. We had a ball!

In the afternoon, Ken rode to his race and B and I met him there after her nap. This was the last road race of the season and he went into it wanting a really good workout and not too worried about placing.

He was near the front, drilling it for most of the race (which was a tough workout, but takes A LOT out of you!).

Terrible picture…he looks so tiny!

IMG_7113The rest of the race is behind him at this point. The sprint was long and hard and he ended up in 8th. Not where he normally ends up, but the good workout he was looking for! We finished the day off with some ice cream 🙂

This morning, our 10 year old neighbor invited us out for a bike ride, so B and I trailered up to the park with her. About 10 miles of nice, easy miles on the mountain bike.

Saddest part of the day (#cyclistproblems)…when you wake up having a great hair day…only to put it right into a helmet!

IMG_7115  Have a lovely Monday! Off to clean the house! Woo hoo! :/

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