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Friday Faves

on August 7, 2015


This morning I opted out of riding (probably should have, but sleeping in until 6 sounded much better!). Instead, the kiddo, pup and I hit up the park for some cross training. Jogged about half a mile over there to warm up before doing 10 x 12 second sprint-er-vals in the sand. The first 5 seemed pretty easy, but the second 5 reminded me how much in burns the quads! Whew!

Jasper got in on the action, while Brooke coached from the side lines.


I think he was mocking me…totally looked like this!

IMG_7098Came home and did a killer (will not be able to move) weight workout and stretched out. TIGHT.

Now on to some Friday Faves!!

These shoes…

IMG_7077While I am a Brook’s running shoe girl all the way, I needed some kicks to walk around the zoo, shopping, etc. Since I am all about comfort and arch support > fashion, these do a great job of both. They are super adorable and mega-comfortable! Outlets, baby!

This bike

Okay, I stole the picture, so this is not the ACTUAL bike…but, on Monday we picked this same frame up from a friend and it will be my new bike! Real pics to come when it gets put together! It is going to be sick! Sure, it will clash with my team kit and helmet and shoes…but it is INSANELY light compared to my current ride (though I love it!). I am pretty much stoked on life!

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” Making the Team

I know, I know….guilty pleasure right now! I totally watch the previous episodes that come on during nap time. Hey, it is inspiring me to work on stretching and flexibility!

Hope you have a stellar weekend planned! Low key over here! Some riding, housework and a race for the hubby! Hopefully some relaxing too!

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