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Camping Workout Weekend

on August 4, 2015

Last Thursday Brooke, Jasper and I started out the day with a little jog and then a sprint workout for me! Going into Cyclocross season is a bit different than any other cycling discipline. Cross involves getting off your bike and running stairs, over barriers and through sand. Running is a big part of training and I hadnt done much since last year! So…why not start out with a bang! I did about a half a mile for a warm up…with the jogger of course….and then did 10 x 20 second sprints. It.was.tough! I felt the oh so fun burning in my quads! So good!

Running clothes will always be cuter than cycling clothes…no matter how much I love the bike!


Friday morning, we loaded into the RV and headed up to Frisco, Colorado. AKA…may fave place to camp! We ended up right by the lake, which was awesomely right next to the bike path. The path around the lake is EXCELLENT!

Friday afternoon, Ken pulled Brooke and I followed along for the 20ish mile loop around the lake. My husband is seriously a stud when it comes to the bike. How he pulled her (at altitude) and made it hard for me to keep up..I have no idea! We spent the rest of the evening hanging out before a semi-rough first night with the kiddo in the RV….5 am wake up call anyone. Ooph.

Saturday, we had breakfast and did a quick hike for the pup and kiddo to play in the water.




We then loaded the little bit into the trailer and set out for Vail Pass. It ended up being about 30 miles of riding with a nice 20 minute hard effort thrown in there. The views were STUNNING and I was happy with the effort! Despite the altitude, my legs cooperated and it went really well. Ken, of course, killed it with the trailer!

IMG_7036Once back at the RV and fed, Ken and Brooke tried to nap…unsuccessful. Boo. Jasper and I hit the trail for 3 miles (about 30 minutes) of running. Felt those quads from the sprint workout and the climb! Once we returned, the 4 of us went out on the paddle boards! Jasper on Ken’s and Brooke with me!

Sunday started with a paddle board trip on the lake for the 4 of us. We went and explored the boats and loved the cool morning! We cleaned up camp before heading out for another loop around the lake and a trip for ice cream! Brooke did awesome and actually napped during the ride!

It was a stellar workout weekend with my little family!

Took Monday off and then did a gentle jog with Brooke and Jasper this morning…with a few park visits thrown in there. Was supposed to get up and ride at 5, but since I was still up at 2 (stupid insomnia!), I turned off the alarm and took a little extra time getting up. Also did a pretty great weight workout. Lots of legs and core!

Now time to work on cleaning the house…totally counts as a workout, right?!?

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