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Hump Day Workouts!

on July 29, 2015

Hey there and happy afternoon 🙂 Hump day!

This morning started out bright dark and early! The alarm went off at 5:20 am and I knew it was ride….or have no other time during the day to do it. A lot of people think stay at home moms have the luxury of working out any time that they want…um, yeah, no. Sure, I can ride with the trailer, but that isn’t exactly the training that will help me upgrade this year.

My workout started off with a 20 ish minute warm up as I made my way over to my fave interval hill. It was chilly this morning so I was riding in my knickers and arm warmers. So weird since we have been hit with some hot temps as of late. After getting the legs warm, I did 10 x 1 minute intervals at around 260 watts (weird bike talk meaning that I was about 60 watts over what I consider my “threshold”) with 2 minutes rest in between. The efforts were pretty tough, but I felt better than I have on short burst power in a while! I cooled down on the 20 ish minute ride home and got back just in time for the husband to leave for his ride to work!

One of the early morning ride benefits….the sunrise!




Post ride and breakfast, the kiddo and pup and I headed to the park for some playtime! Had a blast 😀 Followed by….a bajillion errands (I think I was more exhausted from this than my ride!).

Heading down to the basement to take advantage of nap time with a weight workout…before cleaning the house. Busy day!!!

Hope you had a great Wednesday….only 2 days until the weekend!!

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