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A little Rapha Ride

on July 28, 2015

Happy Happy Tuesday! It was a whirlwind of a morning over here, but happy to be saying hi during nap time!

Wasn’t quite sure a nap was going to happen…she played up there for an hour before finally giving in! If only little ones knew what was to come…surely they would take advantage of every nap possible! (I say with saggy eyelids!)

This weekend was a fun one, from a cycling standpoint especially.

On Saturday, Ken did his long ride of the week. Something like 86 miles and 8000 feet of climbing. My husband is seriously a beast! When he got back, I took advantage of the second half of nap time and went out in the 90+ degree weather for a little bike handling/mountain biking. It was icky hot but I was happy to get in just about an hour and 15 minutes. Decently tough workout but nothing crazy.

Sunday was my long ride day and I did it with 1000s  of other women across the world. It was the Rapha Women’s 100K  ride! I was lucky enough to do it with my sister in law (who is a teammate and our other female teammate, Kristal).

The day brought about 65 miles and over 5200 feet of climbing. The pace was fairly hard (especially the climbs). Being about a year and a half into being a “cyclist” I was a little nervous as I signed up for the “A” Group. Eek!  I went into the ride fully accepting that I may get dropped off of the group and have to ride alone. Well, that didnt happen. Whew!

We started off as a big group for about the first 20 miles before hitting the first climb. A little bit into the climb, 4 girls on the front picked up the pace and I had a decision to make…try to hang with them (btw they are insane and race in the Pro/Open fields) or hang back with the slower group. I decided to try and hang! And I did! A few miles into the climb, we dropped 2 of the girls and then there were three! Somehow I managed to hang with them for the whole climb and then we re-grouped at a cute local store.

The rest of the day was tough, but amazing. Lots more climbing…stayed mostly with the front group and then descending back down to Boulder with my sister in law before grabbing lunch and heading home.

I am the one in the pink helmet on the left, with my teammate, Kristal.

The views were terrible, as you would imagine, in the mountains of Boulder 😉 Jk.

Yesterday was a “rest day” from the bike, so naturally I rode with the trailer up to the lake with the kiddo and pup so Jasper could swim (I dont think 3 easy miles count too much. hehe.)

We also did some splash pad-ding


And bathrobe wearing


I did do a pretty intense weight workout-legs, arms and core! Starting that cyclocross prep!!! My legs werent too excited, but they came around thanks to the Pitch Perfect station on Pandora. Only problem was…I kept dancing in between sets!

This morning I was back on the bike around 5:40 for an easy 10ish mile cruise. Legs were a little tired still, but should be ready for a workout tomorrow 😀

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