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Hump Day Workouts!

Hey there and happy afternoon 🙂 Hump day!

This morning started out bright dark and early! The alarm went off at 5:20 am and I knew it was ride….or have no other time during the day to do it. A lot of people think stay at home moms have the luxury of working out any time that they want…um, yeah, no. Sure, I can ride with the trailer, but that isn’t exactly the training that will help me upgrade this year.

My workout started off with a 20 ish minute warm up as I made my way over to my fave interval hill. It was chilly this morning so I was riding in my knickers and arm warmers. So weird since we have been hit with some hot temps as of late. After getting the legs warm, I did 10 x 1 minute intervals at around 260 watts (weird bike talk meaning that I was about 60 watts over what I consider my “threshold”) with 2 minutes rest in between. The efforts were pretty tough, but I felt better than I have on short burst power in a while! I cooled down on the 20 ish minute ride home and got back just in time for the husband to leave for his ride to work!

One of the early morning ride benefits….the sunrise!




Post ride and breakfast, the kiddo and pup and I headed to the park for some playtime! Had a blast 😀 Followed by….a bajillion errands (I think I was more exhausted from this than my ride!).

Heading down to the basement to take advantage of nap time with a weight workout…before cleaning the house. Busy day!!!

Hope you had a great Wednesday….only 2 days until the weekend!!

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A little Rapha Ride

Happy Happy Tuesday! It was a whirlwind of a morning over here, but happy to be saying hi during nap time!

Wasn’t quite sure a nap was going to happen…she played up there for an hour before finally giving in! If only little ones knew what was to come…surely they would take advantage of every nap possible! (I say with saggy eyelids!)

This weekend was a fun one, from a cycling standpoint especially.

On Saturday, Ken did his long ride of the week. Something like 86 miles and 8000 feet of climbing. My husband is seriously a beast! When he got back, I took advantage of the second half of nap time and went out in the 90+ degree weather for a little bike handling/mountain biking. It was icky hot but I was happy to get in just about an hour and 15 minutes. Decently tough workout but nothing crazy.

Sunday was my long ride day and I did it with 1000s  of other women across the world. It was the Rapha Women’s 100K  ride! I was lucky enough to do it with my sister in law (who is a teammate and our other female teammate, Kristal).

The day brought about 65 miles and over 5200 feet of climbing. The pace was fairly hard (especially the climbs). Being about a year and a half into being a “cyclist” I was a little nervous as I signed up for the “A” Group. Eek!  I went into the ride fully accepting that I may get dropped off of the group and have to ride alone. Well, that didnt happen. Whew!

We started off as a big group for about the first 20 miles before hitting the first climb. A little bit into the climb, 4 girls on the front picked up the pace and I had a decision to make…try to hang with them (btw they are insane and race in the Pro/Open fields) or hang back with the slower group. I decided to try and hang! And I did! A few miles into the climb, we dropped 2 of the girls and then there were three! Somehow I managed to hang with them for the whole climb and then we re-grouped at a cute local store.

The rest of the day was tough, but amazing. Lots more climbing…stayed mostly with the front group and then descending back down to Boulder with my sister in law before grabbing lunch and heading home.

I am the one in the pink helmet on the left, with my teammate, Kristal.

The views were terrible, as you would imagine, in the mountains of Boulder 😉 Jk.

Yesterday was a “rest day” from the bike, so naturally I rode with the trailer up to the lake with the kiddo and pup so Jasper could swim (I dont think 3 easy miles count too much. hehe.)

We also did some splash pad-ding


And bathrobe wearing


I did do a pretty intense weight workout-legs, arms and core! Starting that cyclocross prep!!! My legs werent too excited, but they came around thanks to the Pitch Perfect station on Pandora. Only problem was…I kept dancing in between sets!

This morning I was back on the bike around 5:40 for an easy 10ish mile cruise. Legs were a little tired still, but should be ready for a workout tomorrow 😀

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Life of Late

Hi there!

Boy has it been a bit since I was last on here. It seems like life took off in the Spring and hasnt slowed down at all! I have had a blank post open for the last 4 days and have finally made myself sit down for a second to spill my guts!

The past few months have been filled with projects, playtime, training and some super fun racing!

Trying to not be overwhelming, I will hit the highlights.

*We painted our house! Yes, the husband and I grabbed brushes and rollers and went at our 2 story house. It has been an incredible project that has transformed the look completely. Our house was PINK. I know. Who does that?! And had been for the 6 years we have lived here. Now, it is a nice, normal tannish with dark brown trim. Very house, not nails! This shows the original pink and the new tan!


*I taught an online class for most of the Spring (it started just as my in-seat courses finished). I had some needy students so it took up more time than it has in the past, but it was still great.k

*Brooke is the coolest kid ever! I am not biased at all 😉 Two is a challenging, but hugely rewarding age. She is such a smarty!


*I have been doing  a ton of training on the bike. Mostly 5:30 am workouts. Whoo hoo :/

*I competed in several races this Spring/Summer. The most shining were taking 2nd place at the Sunshine Hill Climb. (Top 5 was my goal so I was stoked!) and then taking 2nd overall in the Boulder Stage Race. This race was awesome and one of the most difficult things I have ever done!

The Boulder Stage Race was a 3 day race. A time trial on Friday night, a circuit race on Saturday and a 21 mile Hill Climb on Sunday. I had never raced 3 days in a row and had only done 2 days in a row twice I think!

The Time Trial went better than expected and I was able to stay within 2 minutes of the leader! The circuit race was the first time I was really confident racing in a group. My sister in law was going for the win and I was excited that I was able to help her a little bit at the end! She got it! I took 4th. The Hill Climb was pretty brutal! Long, steep for a while and then a lot of DIRT and some downhill. I caught the leader and we made the mistake of sitting up and chatting instead of pushing the pace. My sister in law caught us and that told me that we needed to go…so we did. The leader ended up passing me in the last 2 miles, but I was able to gain enough time to put me second on the day and on the podium for the overall! (All 3 days times counted toward your final time). It was a pretty big deal for me as a new racer!

Iphone photo 7-20-2015 306

Iphone photo 7-20-2015 312

*Now…we are preparing for cyclocross season. The main course of our cycling calendar. My first race is at the beginning of September, so lots of training and bike handling work before then!

On tap for this weekend….a 100K (64 ish miles) women’s Rapha group ride. 4000 feet of climbing with some awesome ladies. Cant wait!!

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