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Curt Gowdy State Park


If you ever have the chance to visit Curt Gowdy State Park in Cheyenne, Wyoming, I highly recommend it!

This past weekend, the husband, daughter, pup and I hooked up with my sister in law and her husband and we all headed up to the park in the RV. We went in search of groomed snow trails, but due to some warmer temps and high UV, we ended up with slick snow, slush and lots of mud!

Our bikes of choice for the day were our fat bikes (snow bikes) and even though the conditions were less than optimal, it was still a fun day of splashing around. Because the little was with us, there was some switching off on babysitting duties, some getting lost solo and in the end, a lap around the trail with the husband Ken can crush my hopes and dreams blindfolded with one leg and one arm, but he was sweet enough to ride at my pace while I tromped through the mud/slush pits!

IMG_5999 IMG_6001 IMG_6003

We had lunch in the RV before heading back home.

I cannot say enough cool things about the park! It was $6 for the RV to be there (which included all of us). There are miles and miles of trails for mountain biking (beginner, intermediate and advanced). We cannot wait to go back up with the mountain bikes to play this summer. The visitor center was gorgeous (and the bathrooms clean!) and the people were super nice. There is a camp ground and several picnic areas. There is also an awesome lake that you can either fish or take your paddle board to play on! Dogs need to be leashed, but they are totally allowed and ours LOVED it. Oh, and did I mention that the views are spectacular!!?? Seriously awesome 😀  Go enjoy!

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Riding the Trainer

Because I forgot to post this last week….

Sometimes it is just too: early, late, cold, hot, dark out to ride or run outside. That is when we turn to the dreaded trainers in the basement. I say dreaded because I would MUCH rather ride or run outside, but I know that they serve a purpose. Doesnt mean I have to like them.

This week, Ken and I found ourselves spending some quality time together with the hum of spinning bike wheels. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Ken was brave enough to wake me up at 5 am to workout. I did it grudgingly :/ I used to wake up at 5 every morning for grad school, to go to the gym and then was up throughout the night with baby Brooke, so I am no longer a morning person. As Ken likes to say, I am a middle of the day person…since I am not really a night owl either. I like to say that I am a “when the sun is up person”. If it is light, I am a-okay with being awake!

The nice thing about riding the trainer (with a buddy) is that we got to watch some random programs that we dont normally get to sit down and watch with Brooke running around. We also got to caffeine-ate together afterwards and were not worried about trying to fit our workouts in later in the day.

About 50 minutes is all I can handle on the trainer before going insane, so I spent about that much time on the bike each morning and then about 10 minutes either lifting or stretching afterwards.

Even if I dont love it, at least it is a means to get a workout in!

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Friday Faves 4

Happy almost weekend!

We have been rocking the Friday excitement over here with a trip to Trader Joe’s and the Zoo. I know, dream big!

I have to admit, going to the zoo just keeps getting more and more fun as Brooke gets older. She loves to name the animals and walks around like a champ!


Almost no knead Dutch Oven bread


I got the recipe from my sister-in-law. It seriously takes almost no time at all and tastes amazing. Between the husband, kiddo and I, we finished off almost the entire loaf in one sitting. Proud moments in my life. :/

Braving the elements 


After being trapped in the house for a couple days of horribly cold weather, we finally made it outside for a run! It was 26 degrees and sunny, so long sleeves were necessary. Brooke rocked her snow suit so she could get out and play at the park when we got there. There was NO ONE else there and she could slide on anything she wanted!

Rocking my Target leg warmers


Why yes, I did wear leg warmers to run! I had a hard time gauging what the temps would be like for a fairly easy job (mud and snow on the trail) so I threw these guys on my calves. They were kind of awesome! Function + Fashion…that never happens 😉

Trader Joe’s Very Green Juice Smoothie

I was a little worried about grabbing this today because I knew I would be sharing it with Brookie. She tends to go with the flow when it comes to food, but a juice filled with green veggies?! The kiddo adored it. It was hard for me to grab a sip of it! Tasty!!

Enjoy the weekend! We are headed to Wyoming to spend a couple hours on the fat bikes 🙂

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