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Friday Faves 5

on March 20, 2015

Just hopped out of the shower after spending 1.5 hours painting on the side of the house! Even washed my hair. We will call that a win.

This morning I took Brooke out on the bike. We did 4 miles with the pup and then set off on another nine ourselves. Hardcore training over here. Even stopped at a park for some slide reps.

Here are some of the things I have been loving this week!

My CEP Compression Sleeves


Okay, so honestly I dont feel like any of my “training” has earned me time in the sleeves, but standing on a ladder for an hour while painting KILLS the calves. Whoa!

Coconut Sugar


I have seriously been putting this on everything…of mine and Brooke’s. Oatmeal, coffee, yogurt. It is great! Not too sweet, low on the sugar scale and makes things taste just a bit better.

Runa Tea

Especially when the husband takes the last of the coffee 😉

The fact the I am now on Spring Break and get to hang with the kiddo!!

IMG_6016 (1) IMG_6039

Have a stellar weekend!!!

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