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Wednesday Wonders

on March 11, 2015

Today has been pretty fabulous. Most of that has to do with the fact that it is over 60 degrees and sunny out today! Come on Spring 🙂

Flashback to yesterday (also known as the first day I could wear shorts running!), after getting home from teaching and having a snack, Brooke, Jasper and I hit the pavement for a few miles. We did 4 at a 8:56 pace. I am always proud to be under 9 min/mile pace while pushing the B.O.B and having Jasper with me. They drop things, I leash and unleash him and have to slow down to not hit bumps too hard…it makes things pretty exciting! The other part of running with…company…is that there is always a stop involved. Yesterday, there were two. We stopped at a lake to see the ducks and then we stopped at the park to swing for a bit. It makes the kiddo happy and Jasper loves to explore.

IMG_6014 IMG_6016

IMG_6020 IMG_6022

This morning, Brooke and I hit the trail for about 11 miles of riding (again, there was a park involved). We were out for just over an hour in the glorious, sunny morning air. She didn’t complain at all 😉

She is finishing up her nap and I just came inside after spending an hour working on moving dirt and starting to put the yard back together after all of our snow. Once she is awake, we are going to take the pup out for a couple of miles of running and probably hit up another park! Seriously, have to take in every moment of this weather!

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