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Friday Faves 5

Just hopped out of the shower after spending 1.5 hours painting on the side of the house! Even washed my hair. We will call that a win.

This morning I took Brooke out on the bike. We did 4 miles with the pup and then set off on another nine ourselves. Hardcore training over here. Even stopped at a park for some slide reps.

Here are some of the things I have been loving this week!

My CEP Compression Sleeves


Okay, so honestly I dont feel like any of my “training” has earned me time in the sleeves, but standing on a ladder for an hour while painting KILLS the calves. Whoa!

Coconut Sugar


I have seriously been putting this on everything…of mine and Brooke’s. Oatmeal, coffee, yogurt. It is great! Not too sweet, low on the sugar scale and makes things taste just a bit better.

Runa Tea

Especially when the husband takes the last of the coffee 😉

The fact the I am now on Spring Break and get to hang with the kiddo!!

IMG_6016 (1) IMG_6039

Have a stellar weekend!!!

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What’s In a Week

Howdy! A week has passed with a lot of workouts and a lot of work!

Over the past week, the hubby and I have been working on starting to paint our house. All of my “catch up on things” time (aka: nap times and after the B goes to bed) has been filled with trying to get a section of the house painted or absolutely crashing on the couch. For the most part it has been going great! I have been able to get a few walls done here or there and eventually that will all come together and turn into a house being done. Talk about an upper body workout! Geez!!!

We were able to get most of the prep work finished up last weekend (most). Somehow, we were also able to get some pretty stellar workouts in as well. Both Saturday and Sunday I went out on the bike with the purpose of crushing myself. I was successful. I knew I was racing the clock and the “To Do” lists, so both rides were fast! Saturday I did and hour and twenty minutes at just below my threshold and followed it up Sunday with just over 2 hours at a little less power. On dirt. Hurt soooo good! IMG_6042

During the week, I spend most of my bike time with the Thule trailer behind me and while that adds a lot of resistance, it is a different type of workout (like repetitive leg presses!). It was super nice to rail corners and accelerate hard on punchy climbs. My love language

This weeks workouts are a little less exciting. Went out Monday for an easy spin after the weekend, took Tuesday completely off, ran 4 miles at a decent pace with the dog yesterday morning and then went out for about 45 minutes at base wattage with Brooke and hit up a park yesterday. It is pretty cool today (funny how if the calendar says Spring, you expect it to be warmer and become a wuss) and it is making it really hard to become motivated to do much of anything. Thinking about hitting up the dreaded trainer tonight after the little goes to be for some easy spinning. I miss last week…when our workout fashion included shorts!


IMG_6020 IMG_6039

I am desperately looking forward to Saturday morning. Ken has offered to do breakfast with Brookie in the morning while I ride in to Boulder to do a little climbing (on the bike). I have not climbed in so long and it could either be amazing or hurt like crazy. Too bad I have to come back down after the climb 😛 Not my fave part! Should be a fun test. There is a race in less than a month that I am still weighing my participation in….the climb may sway me one way or another!

Hope your Thursday is a blast. It is the official start of my Spring Break! Wooohooo more time to paint and the sun should return tomorrow!!!

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Wednesday Wonders

Today has been pretty fabulous. Most of that has to do with the fact that it is over 60 degrees and sunny out today! Come on Spring 🙂

Flashback to yesterday (also known as the first day I could wear shorts running!), after getting home from teaching and having a snack, Brooke, Jasper and I hit the pavement for a few miles. We did 4 at a 8:56 pace. I am always proud to be under 9 min/mile pace while pushing the B.O.B and having Jasper with me. They drop things, I leash and unleash him and have to slow down to not hit bumps too hard…it makes things pretty exciting! The other part of running with…company…is that there is always a stop involved. Yesterday, there were two. We stopped at a lake to see the ducks and then we stopped at the park to swing for a bit. It makes the kiddo happy and Jasper loves to explore.

IMG_6014 IMG_6016

IMG_6020 IMG_6022

This morning, Brooke and I hit the trail for about 11 miles of riding (again, there was a park involved). We were out for just over an hour in the glorious, sunny morning air. She didn’t complain at all 😉

She is finishing up her nap and I just came inside after spending an hour working on moving dirt and starting to put the yard back together after all of our snow. Once she is awake, we are going to take the pup out for a couple of miles of running and probably hit up another park! Seriously, have to take in every moment of this weather!

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