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Friday Faves 3

on February 27, 2015

Hello, Friday!! We are having a bit of a lazy Friday up in here. Cold temps=house play and movie watching. Made the mistake of having The Fault in Our Stars on in the background today. Brooke kept saying “Ouch” as I cried through the ending. A+ parenting :/

Lack of outdoor activity=short nap times. Ugh…someone is waking up after 45 minutes?! Doesn’t sound super thrilled about it either! So a quick Friday Faves!

Bringing outside inside


Brooke adores the snow, but 20 degrees wasnt exactly calling my name this morning. I brought the snow indoors and she was just as happy with it!



I am the biggest coffee wuss ever. I add many things to coffee to make it “drinkable”…but I am adoring the amazing lattes (Flat whites?!) that Ken has been spoiling me with in the mornings. So good!

GoodBelly Pomegranate Blackberry


Brooke and I cant get enough of the yummy goodness.

Smith Pivlock Arenas


These glasses are seriously the best. Not only do they provide epic eye protection, but the prescription insert saves me everyday. I hate putting in my contacts to ride, so this is the best of both worlds. Being able to see is a total bonus on the bike. I tend to rock the rose lenses because they transition into evening riding and still do a great job in the sun (and snow!).

Fat Bike Riding….in the dark….alone


Last night I went out for an hour long ride and spent some quality time in a blizzard,  in the dark. It was pretty crazy and awesome at the same time. It is pretty nuts that it takes an hour to go 6 miles on the fat bike. Maybe the 7 inches of snow had something to do with it!

Hope you have a spectacular weekend!!!

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