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Snow…a great time to ride a bike!

on February 22, 2015

Good morning! I hope you are having a stellar weekend!

It is a bit snowy outside today…as in, we woke up to about 7 inches after maybe 6 yesterday. The husband had plans to go out and play with a few peeps on snow bikes and in order to get out mid-day, I went out around 10:00 on mine.

The joys of motherhood, right? You ARE the babysitter 😉 Occasionally we will get to ride together, but most of the time Ken and I trade off on weekend days. Lots of solo riding up in here. Glad he had friends today.

Since I went out fairly early (seeing as it was 17 degrees when I left), I was one of the first people on the trails. This meant that no one else had packed down any of the fresh snow. It was amazing and utterly exhausting!

I wish I had taken pictures, but when it is less than 20 degrees, the idea of pulling my hands out of my gloves was not appealing. Also, the hardest part of riding in the snow is getting started after stopping…less stopping=better!

Snow biking is still really new to us, so here are some things I learned today:

*New snow=slippery. Any time you are off camber, your chances of sliding out and having to bail are high. Lesson learned.

*Dressing for snow temps is hard! I wore a thin base layer and jacket…which was awesome until I worked so hot and then was wet with sweat. Then it was cold. Still working on clothing choices.

*Toe warmers inside my Shimano winter shoes were the cat’s meow. Hello awesomeness.

*Balaclavas are fantastic…until you have breathed so much hot air on them that they start to freeze solid around your face.

*Slush under snow is sketch.

*Ski goggles=awesomesauce. even with a helmet. Ski gloves with hand warmers…even better!

*When you get home all you want to do is put on sweats and pass out on the couch….but then you realize you have a kid and so you shower and put on sweats and spends lots of time playing on the floor so you can lay down.

So hard….so much fun though!!

Other workouts in the last couple of days…

Wednesday: Trailer ride with Brooke

Thursday: Trailer ride with Brooke

Friday: Trailer ride with Brooke

Saturday: 50 minute ride on wet bike paths followed with a 4 mile mud run with the pup 8:41min/mile pace (he looked like this after)


Sunday: Just under 2 hours in the snow.

Stay warm….or cool! Depending on where you are!

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