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I Think the Calendar is Wrong

on January 28, 2015

Hi there!

Here in Colorado we are known to get snow over the winter, but did you know that we also get 70+ degree days in January!?



After a morning of teaching (anatomy and physiology), I was greeted by a sweet baby girl who decided that it was a good day to forgo the nap for her babysitter. I tried to get her to crash, but she wasnt feeling it. I did what every “oh no, what does the evening hold Mom of a non-napping toddler” would do…I promised her a trip to the park and strapped her into her Thule trailer and headed out on the bike!

By riding to a park, I make Brooke happy and content to ride and allow myself some quality miles each direction. Riding with the trailer is a little something extra when it comes to fitness. Not only to I get to maintain my “base” wattage” but it is also like a leg press workout! I seriously credit the trailer for a lot of my success last season 🙂


We did about 9 miles to the park, played for 20 minutes and did the 9 miles home. Shockingly there wasnt much wind…that never happens! We had a great workout which I followed up with 2 easy miles of running with the pup after putting Brooke to bed for the night and then 20 minutes of yoga to make myself feel human again!

Hope your day is going splendidly! We have crazy wind, but still warm today. Spent much of the day scraping old paint off the exterior of the house to get ready to paint it. Dream big!

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