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Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone! Seriously the best day ever (I say this as I dont “work” on Fridays or Mondays, so really they are the beginning of my weekend!)!!

Yesterday I took the babe and pup out for a little jog…well that little jog turned into 6.6 miles of running since I got us lost in a neighborhood and couldn’t find a way out!! Seriously?! Good thing the houses were GORGEOUS and we found a park. That makes everything okay by the little!

On with it…I love when I see Friday faves posts, so I am going to hop on the bandwagon. The little is napping, so it is strangely quiet in our house!

**Pig tails! At 19 months, this girl has finally gotten enough hair that I can put them in high(ish) pigtails.


Those are 24 month clothes…cant handle it.

**Running in a running skirt…in January

**Coconut oil. Hello lack of humidity! Only thing saving me right now.

**My kitchen cabinet makeover!




From awful yellow to a nice grayish-brown. Knobs and pulls show up next week! Cant wait!

**Fairly consistent yoga. When I hit publish I have a meeting with my mat. Even 20 minutes 4-5 times a week has been making a huge difference for my beat up body!

**Apple cider vinegar in warm water. I seriously drink this all day and am a bit obsessed with the flavor. Weird. I promise, you grow to love the taste.

**Weekend weather that promises to allow for some type of outdoor exercise. YES!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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I Think the Calendar is Wrong

Hi there!

Here in Colorado we are known to get snow over the winter, but did you know that we also get 70+ degree days in January!?



After a morning of teaching (anatomy and physiology), I was greeted by a sweet baby girl who decided that it was a good day to forgo the nap for her babysitter. I tried to get her to crash, but she wasnt feeling it. I did what every “oh no, what does the evening hold Mom of a non-napping toddler” would do…I promised her a trip to the park and strapped her into her Thule trailer and headed out on the bike!

By riding to a park, I make Brooke happy and content to ride and allow myself some quality miles each direction. Riding with the trailer is a little something extra when it comes to fitness. Not only to I get to maintain my “base” wattage” but it is also like a leg press workout! I seriously credit the trailer for a lot of my success last season 🙂


We did about 9 miles to the park, played for 20 minutes and did the 9 miles home. Shockingly there wasnt much wind…that never happens! We had a great workout which I followed up with 2 easy miles of running with the pup after putting Brooke to bed for the night and then 20 minutes of yoga to make myself feel human again!

Hope your day is going splendidly! We have crazy wind, but still warm today. Spent much of the day scraping old paint off the exterior of the house to get ready to paint it. Dream big!

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A little fitness story…

So, after setting up this blog and starting to write….I think I got lost in, you know, life. The past 6 months have absolutely flown by and the fact that I have not taken the time to document any of the happenings makes me a little sad! That said…I’m back!

My fitness story is seemingly similar to many women I talk to. I played basketball and volleyball in high school. In college, I ran and hit the weight room to do my best to stave off the Freshman 15 (Happily, I was pretty successful there) and when I got married, running was really the easiest form of exercise to fit into a busy work schedule.

My husband is a super-athlete. Ran cross-country in college after tiring of volleyball (even though he could have played on scholarship for several schools), ran crazy endurance races up mountains and then decided he was tired of running and quickly moved up to the elite ranks of cycling in mountain and cyclocross in Colorado (which is a pretty big deal!).

Totally no pressure to be athletic, right?!

While I was running soon after we married, it wasnt long before his competitive nature became contagious. I started getting interested and really training and even racing. I started with some 5ks, then 10ks and half marathon and then a full. The training was fun, the racing was even more fun and I was hooked on “adult” athletics (PS-I kind of thought sports stopped after college….so wrong)


And then came….a baby…..I will be getting together a separate post on working out while pregnant…or at least what it looked like for me!

Baby…time management…early morning workouts…getting back in shape…working out while not losing your milk…training for super high effort cycling without losing your milk….gah!!! Getting in better shape than PRE-BABY!!

After having Brooke, it took a little time to not feel guilty about leaving her to workout. Honestly, I still try to do most of my training while she is sleeping. Running was not quite as fun as pre-kiddo seeing as the lovely combo of hormones/ (overshare) vaginal birth= feeling like (and sometimes) you are peeing your pants! That was a bonus I hadnt expected! Since running was eh, I decided to join my husband in the basement for some bike rides on the trainers in February/March. Then came the outdoor rides and the 4 hour rides and I was completely obsessed with cycling. Hey, the shorts come with a built in diaper…just in case!

There were a couple road races in the spring, hill climbs in the summer and almost a full season of cyclocross racing (complete with snow and ice) during the fall and winter. Expectations were blown out of the water and I had the best time being on a team for the first time since high school! Way more on this later!

LeeAnn Culbertson Benesh

Fitness is important…whether it is a 3 mile jog to keep yourself sane (been there) or training at a level to compete against some stinking fast peers. Being fit and healthy are two of the most important things in life!

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