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Golf over Running but not over Riding

Hey there!! Surprised to see me?? Me too. Just popping by to say hi….and I pretty much just needed a break to sit down while Brooke is in the bathtub.

Random catch up??

On Saturday, I was going to do the Hahn’s Peak Hill Climb. It is a running race that goes straight up and down a mountain. Ken and I did it last year and it was awesome. Brooke decided that she wanted to golf instead….mom life…..

Pics from golf (sorry they are grainy…zoomed in iPhone pics)




Ken actually rode from home to the golf course and got to watch a lot of her lesson. She felt pretty special.

We puttered around the Farmer’s Market afterwards and grabbed a few things before I rode home on my bike and Ken took Brooke home in the truck. We multi-task a LOT.

I got in just under 50 miles and it was HOT. So hot that I ran out of water and my lovely family brought me a bottle (and a mini coke!). I’m lucky!

We spent the rest of the day doing chores before heading to a Church party and then to watch fireworks.

Had a little bit of time to kill before the fireworks so Brooke took 100 pics on my phone.


Worn out pup much??


Sunday we ended up staying home to get some some stuff done. We have a short week at home and not enough hours!!

Cut some lettuce. Need some?? We have SO much.


Admired our baby grass!!


I snuck out for a mountain bike ride on the hill next to our house. Ken told me it would be an hour ride. It was a 2 hour ride.

Saw some bear tracks. Survived.

Chores all day long.

Monday was another day of chores. Got out for a quick 3 mile run. Okay, it wasnt quick. It was really slow. My legs were tired.

Yesterday was a town day. Brooke and I hit up the pool before running some errands and most importantly going to the grocery store.

Actually got a tiny bit of rain.


Someone looked really cute. It wasn’t me.


Ken and I ended up on the trainers last night due to lightning. Super fun times.

This morning, we took the pup for a run with the quad. Success.


Then I got to work prepping for our trip to Utah.


Breakfast burritos

Rice cakes


BBQ chicken bowls

Juiced some beets.

I need a nap.

Luckily this girl found some fun stuff to do.


Can I eat this now?


Brooke took my phone. Ha.


Now time to get off my boot-ay and get packing…and maybe make dinner. Something like that.

Hope you have a great weekend and I will be back next week with some race details (not mine, Ken’s!).

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More Landscaping, a Couple Big Rides, Accidental Long Run…Pretty Much Summertime

Well, hello there!!

Yes. It has been a hot minute. Or two.

Life got real busy there for a sec, but we are back. For a least a couple days, anyway.

Not really sure how to catch up with so much lost time, so I just uploaded the pics I have and I will try to hit a few highlights??

It’s been hot.


And a little weird.


We got some dirt delivered.


The kids were happy….my back…not so much ๐Ÿ˜‰


Been to town a few times….


Built a bookshelf!


Ken was all about the cutting and installation…I did the wood prep.

IMG_6454 (1)

A barn caught fire and there was a minute that we were nervous that it was a wildfire.


Staining business.


There were several days where I ended up on the floor at the end of the day.

IMG_6460 (2)

And then somehow ended up on the trainer at 8:30 at night. With beer.


Fit some school work in with our watermelon eating (plus grading until 11 for a lot of nights).


Finished product!


Our neighbor installed our crown molding in the kitchen.


Hosted Ken’s Big Ride 2nd edition (110 miles on gravel with a pizza stop in the middle and dinner afterwards). Brook and I went to Costco on Thursday and then cleaned and prepped for people on Friday. Luckily my sister-in-law and her husband came up and while he did the ride, she helped with all of the food! 20+riders and then some families for dinner. Always a good time. Always good when it’s done ๐Ÿ˜‰


Made a pinata because I could find a bike one that was under $68.


Mexican themed food=classy decor.


The following day Errin and I rode our own 102 miles. It was great. I took 1 picture. Ken ended up having a meeting about a bike race (details later) so we ended our ride in town and hopped in some friend’s pool and had a BBQ. That was a little bit perfect!


Brooke got some cool clothes from a neighbor. Uhhh.


Jasper trying to beat the heat.


On Monday, E and C were still here so we floated the Yampa River and it was glorious.

Wednesday (Fourth of July!!), Ken was offย  and our company had left. We opted to head up to the Zirkel Wilderness for a hike/run. Ken hiked with Brooke (so much patience required) while I ran for a bit and then would run back and meet up with them. 11 miles for me. Pretty excited with how it felt considering the 100 mile ride a few days earlier.

It was gorgeous and well worth it.





That lake was COLD, folks.


Hot dog.


We had a great time!

Last night we had dinner with friends who are moving to Switzerland. No biggie. Brooke and I made sure to visit the pool to prepare ๐Ÿ˜‰

It has been a busy couple of weeks (complete with full on landscaping-pics to come!). We have baby grass starting to peek up through the dirt. We are all sufficiently exhausted and ready for some fireworks on Saturday night!

I think I need a vacation! Traveling to Ken’s BIG bike race of the summer next week. That counts as a vacation, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope that you have been having a fantastic summer and doing all the fun things!!


Moving all the Gravel…and then working out after!

Hi there! How’s it going? Just popping by with some of the stuff going on in the past week or so!

Went for a ride the other night. Just your casual herd of elk hanging out. With ALL THE BABIES!!


I dont ride often at night, but it never disappoints.


Last Saturday, Brooke tried out golf. She LOVED it. Hopefully we will make it back this weekend.


Cutest little golfer ever.


Since Ken was riding with a friend, we took our time and stopped by the Farmer’s Market and Mustang show.



We spent Father’s Day doing the church thing and then moving gravel. My body is seriously so tired.


Just using the scary equipment.


Found a salamander in the yard. Super cool!


On Monday, we headed into town for some errands. Why is she so much cooler than me. And when did she turn 15?


She took my phone to take some pics…


Her view….


Did some more gravel moving throughout the week….



Had some tea parties.


New flooring in the playhouse.


Harvesting some veggies!!



Have gotten in some riding and running over the last week. My body isnt too keen on hard efforts (though I did get to do some climbing last Thursday!!), so keeping it pretty low key.

Saw a bear run across the field next to our house last night. Made me super motivated to go for my run ๐Ÿ˜‰

Took the morning off and headed to the lake this morning with our neighbors for some SUP time. My body appreciated the break! Was trying to convince B to go for a ride with me, but we are still having a debate over it. May turn into a run….only time will tell ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you have some super fun plans for the weekend. We are having topsoil delivered tomorrow. My back is super excited for what’s to come ๐Ÿ˜›