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Twenty-Twenty One

Hi there! It has definitely been a minute. Or 7 months, but who is counting. My absence has been due to a combination of needing a break from the social media/blog world and equal parts being overwhelmed by work and family doings. But…I thought I would try to sneak in and share a little be about our year and what we have been up to! (Plus I am procrastinating cleaning our office which gives me anxiety just mentioning it!)

The beginning of the year was jam packed. I took on teaching a general biology course which basically consumed most of my life. Between my normal online classes, an A and P course and gen bio, it was a struggle to find time for much else. Thankfully, we did find some time to play in the snow! Because things were still weird, we did not get ski passes last season. (We do have them already purchased for this coming winter, though-bring on the snow!) We did, however, purchase uphill passes. I had never tried the uphill ski thing (skinning), but wow-I totally fell in love. It is an absolute butt kicker of a workout. We spent many a morning earning our turns! Cant wait for this year!

We also got into skate skiing. Another killer workout. This one took a bit more practice to figure out, but both Ken and I ended up loving it. Brooke rocked her classic skis all winter.

Brooke also got pretty into climbing at the Hot Springs. Girl is braver than me!

As the snow melted, we took advantage of the trails being dry (it happened too fast!). Love hiking with these two!

We have had the opportunity to visit some neat places over the course of the year. This is at Gates of Lodore. So cool!

Brooke got a quad for her birthday. She has been having a blast ripping around.

Brooke turned 8 in June and requested a Harry Potter themed day. Cutest ever, I know, I am biased. 😉

Always be hiking-and finding places to cool off!

So cool.

We spent some time in early June in Wyoming camping with family. It was lovely to get away. I did about 70 miles of the 100 mile Dead Swede gravel race, but was dealing with some nerve issues (which we later discovered was due to a mis-sized saddle). Luckily, I had a support crew that found me out in the middle of nowhere! Still fun. 😉

Joined our friend, Brent to ride to the top of Mount Evans. Wow. What an experience. So hard, but so worth it. I definitely scored a ride partway down the mountain in the back of a pickup truck because it is EXPOSED and basically terrifying.

Jasper is just living his best life.

For 4th of July, we headed up to Flathead Lake in Montana to camp with my sister and her husband. We had an incredible time and did so many fun things!

Brooke was sure she needed to bring her horse, Parker, home with us.

We also took the time to drive up to Glacier National Park. It was amazing! I didn’t even cry as we drove up Going to the Sun road-but it was close 😉

Just spectacular.

Lots of lake time!

Maybe even some relaxing!

Camping on the way home. Never ugly.

As we were getting home, we saw the beginnings of the smoke from this fire. Not my favorite summer time staple. Luckily, the weather has been cooler and there has been decreased activity. Hoping for more rain.

And that is about it!

As far as exercise-I have ridden a LOT of miles this year. It has been amazing getting to ride with Ken. Brooke is at an age where we can leave her home (basically she tells us to go ride! ha) for a couple of hours. I have definitely gotten much better riding with him. I have decided that I am not currently into the bike race scene after everything that happened last year, so I skipped the Crusher this past weekend. I have started to incorporate a lot more running into my life (hello marathon in Sept.-looking at you!). Trying to find all the balance.

It has been nice to only have online classes this summer, but come August, I will have 2 online and then two in-person A and P courses. Better start getting on that prep!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Hoping to jump back in more regularly-especially as workouts progress. Someday I will figure out how to fit everything in….maybe 😉


2020-The Second Half

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a rough year for many of us. Though COVID influenced our races and hanging out with friends, it did not have the biggest impact on our lives this year. Unfortunately, this August we lost one of our closest friends, Mark. While I had intentions of jumping on here many times, my heart has pretty much been wrecked. I wont talk about it much. Writing about that day isn’t something I can do, still. But I thought I would share some other parts of the second half of our year-definitely not an all-inclusive showing, but some things we were able to do!

COVID made church-going an exciting event. We were not mad about spending summer Sundays outside. Services have since moved to a call-in style since it is currently cold and snowy 😉

We were able to sneak away to Flaming Gorge a couple times with our families. Nothing like camping in the middle of nowhere as a means to being very social distanced. Who are we kidding, that’s my real life anyway!

Brooke spent a good amount of time cruising around on her dirt bike.

There was a lot of time spent in costume because, well, why not?

There were some gorgeous rides…

And then there were the projects! Ken and I jumped into building a carport off the side of the shop. Thank goodness for Skiddy the skidsteer. She was super helpful.

In August, we celebrated the second year of SBT GRVL. Due to COVID, it was virtual this year. As Mark had passed about 2 weeks before this date, we all rode in his honor. A tough day.

I was able to do 2 rides, one 37 mile ride with Errin and Rene’-on which I found this antler a few miles in and rode with it in my jersey pockets. Was extra careful not to crash!

On the day of the event, Ken and I set up a little memorial to celebrate Mark. It was great to feel the support of the community.

Ken and I were excited to ride the 65 mile course with Errin and Robert. This was also one of the last real rides we did for the year. It was really hard to find motivation afterwards and I am just now starting to think about any sort of exercise, in December.

The project continued….

There were several fires which made the summer pretty smokey. None of them were threatening to us personally, but we were on alert in case friends needed help evacuating.

Brooke and I made it to the zoo once! A definite highlight.

And success!!!

Took some fall pictures. This girl.

Another project….stairs off the deck!

Over the summer, I was offered a position teaching at Colorado Mountain College here in Steamboat. I accepted and began teaching A and P this fall. It was an incredible experience and I am excited to be teaching in the spring as well.

Brooke was very helpful in preparing for the lab practical 🙂

We did get to do some masked homeschool group activities! Thank you, Rangers!

Hanging with George.

Halloween was fun! Brooke and I met up with one of her close friends and walked their neighborhood.

At least some of us got some riding in 😉

And 2020 in a nutshell….remember my wonderful green house? A day of sustained 40-50 mile winds caused complete destruction. It was so very sad. Had to spend a lot of time sorting that out and taking it apart. Is it 2021 yet?

Visitors, always.

At least we are ready for winter!

We spent Thanksgiving in Moab with our families. It was great to get away and we were all very careful with who we hung out with before we traveled.

We spent 5 days hanging out, jogging and playing on toys with motors.

On our way home, we picked up Brooke’s Christmas present. She basically outgrew her small snowmobile last year and this one should do much better in the powder at our house. She has already spent so much time playing on it!

We ventured out for our Christmas tree-it is just perfect.

And for good measure, Jasper with a squeaker.

I will mention, also, without a ton of details, Ken and I are no longer part of SBT GRVL. Due to the terrible way Mark’s wife was treated after his passing, we could no longer work with the remaining partner. We offered to buy her out, but in turn she was able to buy us out instead. While we are very sad to no longer be part of the event, it no longer reflects the values that we signed up to be part of. We are looking forward to the future and what we might be able to create.

And that was much of our 2020.

I hope that this finds you healthy and that you will be able to enjoy this holiday season. I plan to be more active here as I jump back into training and hopefully find motivation to train for the next year. Plans for the Crusher this coming July and then attempting to BQ in September in Salt Lake City if life returns to some sort of normalcy.


Cows, Wind and a Birthday!

And we have made it halfway through June! This month has been filled with a lot of fun and some work and enjoying Brooke turn 7!

I am pretty sure I make the list of most terrible parents-her birthday gift came early and I couldn’t resist letting her open it early (granted, it is what she kept asking for). With things crazy and cancelled and the likes, seems like it was an okay time to let her have something new and fun to play with 🙂

This month has been your typical Colorado Spring. We have had gorgeous days in the 80s and days that are not as lovely in the 30s-with snow. Unfortunately, it has been insanely windy for most of the month. Not a big fan of the wind over here.

One morning, we woke up to 70 cows in our yard. The neighbor herd decided the grass was greener on our side of the fence. Ken and I spent the morning returning them to their pasture.

It was all fun and games until Jasper found the gifts that they left 😉 He got a bath and we were not best friends for a bit.

In other exciting project news, Brooke and I spent an hour taking YEARS of crayon marks off of her desk. Mom hack: erasers take crayon off of plastic like a charm.

Weird fact: every evening at about 5:30, Jasper goes upstairs to “hug the body pillow”. In the process, he wrecks the bed. Thanks, bud.

We made it out on our paddleboards and had so much fun. While the swim beach is still closed, we are able to get out on the water and play!

My favorite kind of Steamboat day….warm with gorgeous puffy clouds!

We ended up going away a couple weekends ago. It was nice to have a different view for a few days.

Before we left, the babies had to come in! They have all since toughened up a bit 😉

We drove to Flaming Gorge Reservoir and enjoyed a couple of awesome, sunny days. Brooke loves the water and had so much fun playing in the sand/mud.

Jasper is also a lover of the water. It was hard to keep him out long enough to dry off before getting in the camper.

We spent Friday on Robert and Rene’s boat with them and Errin and Colin. It is one of the happiest places for Ken (and Jasper) and it was great to see him relax for a bit after an incredibly busy (and strange) end of Winter and Spring.

We saw some wildlife and spent a ton of time playing around on paddleboards.

It was gorgeous.

Friday night got a little nutty. The wind came tearing through and woke us up around 10:30. Ken was running around outside the trailer trying to keep paddleboards and floats from blowing away. There came a point where I was nervous that our whole trailer was going to blow into the lake! Thankfully, it passed and everything was safe.

The next morning it was a bit rainy. This became a problem when we realized that the ground turned to mud and made it impossible to drive on! Ken decided that it was go-time and went full send getting the truck and trailer out and up to the road. Never a dull moment!

E and C came back to our house for the night and Ken enjoyed riding with them the next morning. It was super fun to get a little more time together. The trip may have been short, but it was great seeing family and hiding out by the lake for a few days!

I have been loving my greenhouse and am excited to see how much things are growing. My only fear is that it is going to pick up and fly away. The wind has been terrible.

We are watching our fave visitor for a bit! She fits right in!

And she is not afraid to cuddle up for school 😉

We celebrated Brooke’s 7th Birthday on Friday (I have no idea how she is 7) with a fun day of paddleboarding, golf, pizza and cupcakes with our neighbors.

Ken had to work on Saturday (since he took Friday off to play with us) but Sunday saw us each getting to ride our bikes and then getting to work on a concrete pad for the base of our deck stairs!

It is a thing of beauty! And left Ken and Penny looking like…

And now, we are back into the swing of the week with work and finally some consistent workouts!

Hope you are having a good Summer and enjoying some good weather and outdoor time!